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Hate Flying? This Airport Has Mini Horses to Calm You Down

Do you hate flying? Are you afraid the plane will crash, or that the airline will lose your luggage? Or perhaps it’s not the flying you’re afraid of – many people are nervous about terrorists, their fellow passengers and even airport security. Well, if these are problems you suffer from, you might need a therapy animal. More and more people have started traveling with dogs and cats who are certified therapy animals. That seems like a good solution for some people, but for others, airports are coming up with more innovative ideas.

In Cincinnati, whose airport is located just over the Ohio River in Hebron, Kentucky, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has created a stress-free zone that uses miniature horses to relax nervous fliers. According to the Los Angeles Times, the airport calls these cute little horses “therapy horses” to greet travelers and get everyone into a chill vibe. The news has been full of stories of violence at the airport as of late, so maybe this is just what every airport needs.

The airport’s program started in 2016. Originally they planned to use dogs, since canines have a good record of offering support to humans (That’s why they’re called “man’s best friend!”) But they discovered that a nearby ranch, Seven Oaks Farm, had a non profit that was dedicated to a miniature horse therapy program. According to Seven Oaks’ website, the farm horses “provide mobile therapeutic services to children and adults through equine-assisted activities leading to positive mental, emotional and physical benefits.” The Ross, Ohio farm is stocked with horses that stand just 27 inches tall. These adorable little horses have been a big hit.

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