From Doggie Rags To Riches: How One Beagle Became A Real-Life Prince -
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From Doggie Rags To Riches: How One Beagle Became A Real-Life Prince

Those who watched the Royal Wedding on Saturday, May 19th, 2018 may have a place in their hearts for the new princess Meghan Markle. She looked gorgeous in her dress and is now respected as part of the Royal Family. But what fans of this family likely don’t know is that Meghan’s canine friend became a royal as well! Say hello to Prince of Beagles!

20. Meet Guy

His name is Guy the Beagle and he’s an absolute cutie! He’ll live the high life just fine! You would never guess that just a short time ago, Guy the Beagle was on puppy death row, set to be put down.

19. How Everything Started

In 2015, Meghan Markle took a trip to Ontario to adopt a dog while she was living in Toronto. Little did she know that she would rescue a future puppy prince. But where did he come from?

18. A Wish Your Heart Makes

Guy’s documentation dates back to a few years ago when A Dog’s Dream Rescue of the US. A Dog’s Dream Rescue is set on saving the lives of beagles and taking them to Canada. Definitely an organization worth the donation. When Meghan first saw Guy, it was love at first sight!

17. Almost There!

After being taken in by the sweet rescue team, Guy rode 500 miles to the shelter in Canada! Each driver only drove about an hour before switching, uprooting Guy again. Shortly after the trip, he made it to an event that a certain someone would attend.

16. The Event That Changed His World

Dozens of dogs were up for adoption at the event and even more people. But no meeting was more fateful than that between Guy the Beagle and the future Duchess of Sussex.

15. Life’s A Beach

There’s fate and then there’s a Cinderella story. When Guy was born, no one knew that he would walk the path that he did. But on that day in 2015, Meghan Markle gave Guy more than just a second chance. Dogs are pretty important in the Royal family, just wait until you see how many puppies the Queen owns!

14.  The Woman Who Deserves A Trophy

The caregiver at the time of Meghan’s adoption didn’t even recognize the famous face when she asked to adopt Guy. So, Meghan didn’t correct her, just let her know that if she wanted to check up on him…make an appointment. Little did she know!

13. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

It didn’t take long for the caregiver to realize she didn’t need to do a security check, despite not knowing Markle’s celebrity status. She simply followed Guy on Instagram, seeing that he was as happy as could be. Guy was now a celebrity with thousands of followers. And that’s not all!

12. A Match Made In Heaven

These days, Meghan has deleted all of her social media accounts, but you can still find photos of Guy floating around. Still a hit with the ladies, just now…it’s at the palace! Do you think the pooch and Prince Harry like each other? Read along to find out!

11. A True Rags To Riches Story

That same caregiver that had Guy before Meghan was ecstatic to hear that the dog would become a prince recently, “It’s just beyond my wildest imagination,” she said. “How is that for a rags to riches story from a good old Kentucky beagle?” Harry is simply in love with the pooch! Here’s what he said…

10. When Harry Met Guy


And now, where is he? That once-doomed pup that drew in a celebrity? According to Prince Harry’s secretary, he’s living with the Royal Family and their other pets! But get this…

9. The Queen Approves

The Queen is in love with Guy! She was spotted holding him in May as she was on her way to have tea with Meghan’s mother. Turns out, that the Queen may like the “new prince” more than her new granddaughter-in-law! We’re just joking, of course. The Queen also has a lot of pups of her own and everything started way back. You definitely need to see the following photos…

8. The Green Mile

Those who haven’t been around long will think that this dog is the first royal dog to hit the headlines. But that’s far from true. If there’s one thing the Royal Family loves…it’s dogs!

7. Runs In The Family

Nearly every member of the Royal Family over the last 1000 years has had a famous pet. In 1635, King Charles I’s children are painted with their two darling King Charles Spaniels. That’s where the King Charles Spaniels got their name!

6. The Honest Faces Of Dogs

Then, in 1843, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are captured with a whopping four pups – Eos, Islay, Cairnach and Dandie Dinmont. Victoria’s very own quote was, “If it were not for the honest faces of dogs, we should forget the very existence of sincerity.”

5. The Royal Corgis

Even the current Queen (when she was just a princess) adored her pups! No doubt she continues to spoil her Corgis to no end! King George VI  says that Corgis are, “unquestionably the character of the Princesses’ delightful canine family.”

4. Still Kickin’ Like Granny

To this day, Queen Elizabeth can be seen with any pup she can get her hands on. Her love of dogs is endearing, making us love her even more. Any lady that is kind to dogs is an alright human being.

3. Since Day One

With all of this pup-lovin’ blood, it’s no surprise that Will and Harry have their own canines. As children, they had various dogs.

2. Just A Kiss From Papa

As the Royals get older, they start adopting their own pups. The year that Will and Kate got married, their black Cocker Spaniel was born, bred by Kate’s own mother. Is it a rule that one must marry another with a soft spot for puppies?

1. The Luckiest Dog In The World

Now, you may have selflessly rescued a dog in the past, but when you start feeling like he’s living the life…remember, Guy was almost put down but instead went on to be part of the Royal Family.

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