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Dog Hides In Bush From Storm, When Rescuers Arrive They Uncover A Big Surprise

25. A Dark & Stormy Night

Image: Science for All

Thunderstorms can be a very scary affair, especially for animals. Whether it’s lightning snaking across the sky or thunder bellowing overhead, a storm can strike fear into the hearts of men, as well as your ever-lovable pup. One lonely pooch found herself trapped in one of the worst storms California had ever seen. Would the storm spell disaster for the dog?

24. Storm of the Century

Image: Guardian Voices

Storms are a rare event in southern California, so when the area was hit with one of the worst storms the state had ever seen in 2017, no one was prepared for the onslaught of rain. Pelting down on homes, cars and animals, the once dry state found itself drowning in an all out deluge of epic proportions.

23. Hope for Paws

Image: Imgur

As the storm raged on, Hope for Paws (an animal rescue) received a call regarding a poor dog in need of help. Trapped in the terrifying storm, the caller was fearful the poor pooch wouldn’t make it if left to mother nature’s devices.

22. A Cry for Help

Image: Daily Feed

According to the caller, the sweet dog had been homeless for a while, and although people had tried to help her, no one had been successful in capturing her. To say she was a furry ninja would be an understatement. This pooch knew how to be elusive.

21. Alone and Confused

Image: Daily Feed

Despite being offered food and even a new home, the dog refused the help from the kind people trying to assist her. The source said she was very fearful and seemed terrified of any type of human contact.

20. No Time to Waste

Image: Daily Feed

Hope for Paws knew with the storm as bad as it was, the likelihood the dog would make it was slim. Therefore, they knew it was time to take action, rain or not, and rescue the stranded canine.

19. The Long Rainy Trek

Image: Flickr

Despite the dog being located far away, the Hope for Paws team refused to leave her in the rain. Driving through the intense storm, they drove over four hours to the dog’s location as night approached, making visibility difficult.

18. Shelter Among the Bushes

Image: Daily Feed

Between the rain and the lack of light, it was extremely difficult to find the dog. Even worse, the poor pup had found shelter in a thick bush. Would the rescue team be able to help her?

17. Frightened Among the Branches

Image: Daily Feed

Thankfully, the team cut away the bush and dense shrubbery in an effort to find her. Although the rain was working against them, they eventually found the frightened pooch.

16. A Well-Documented Rescue

Image: Daily Feed

Hope for Paws documented the daring rescue via a video they posted to Youtube. Commenting on camera that the situation was “downright crazy,” the rescuers worked hard in the rain trying to convince the dog they were trustworthy.

15. Scared and Hungry

Image: Daily Feed

According to the rescuers, the frightened dog was malnourished and looking for food. They used this to their advantage, offering her a piece of cheeseburger. She eventually let the rescuers touch her; thankful for the food they brought her to eat. However, this sweet girl was also harboring a secret.

14. A Surprise Litter

Image: Daily Feed

To the rescuers surprise, they found that the dog had given birth to a litter of puppies. Desperate to keep them safe from the storm, the dog had constructed a den within the thick shrubbery.

13. A Rescue on the Brink

Image: Daily Feed

Knowing the puppies would not survive long in the rainy weather, Hope for Paws knew they had to quickly establish trust with the mother. The rescue operation was now more urgent than ever.

12. A Lack of Trust

Image: Daily Feed

Unfortunately, the dog was not the most trusting. She did not like to be touched and was extremely protective of her pups. Would she put the entire rescue operation in jeopardy?

11. A New Tactic

Image: Daily Feed

One of the rescuers took it upon himself to use a new tactic and placed a leash by the skittish dog. She sniffed it for a bit and after he knew she was comfortable, he placed it around her neck. It seemed things were finally looking up for the rescue team.

10. A Mother’s Love

Image: Daily Feed

With the mother secured, the rescue team began to extract the puppies from the den. As each one was lifted out of the shrubbery, the mother dog would give them a reassuring lick. This was one devoted pooch!

9. Puppies Galore

Image: Daily Feed

The rescue team found a total of eight puppies. Once they were safe and secure, they returned their attention to the mom, hoping to coax her out of the hiding spot.

8. Safe at Last

Image: Scribol

Thankfully, after some sweet talk and a snack, they were able to get the poor pooch to safety. Even though the weather pounded down on them with no mercy, the mother and her eight pups were safe!

7. The Long Way Home

Image: Hope for Paws Youtube

The rescue team soon began their long drive back to the shelter in the rainy darkness. Along the way, the team began to bond with the mother and her eight puppies, eventually deciding to name them all!

6. New Names for Everyone

Image: Daily Feed

Since the mother had been found during a thunderstorm, they decided to name her Rainbow. The puppies names kept with the storm theme and they were called: Thunder, Flash, Bolt, Misty, Breezy, Raindrop, Droplet and Stormy.

5. Lights Out!

Image: Daily Feed

Unfortunately, when the team arrived at the shelter they found the power was out! Time was of the essence for the mother dog and her eight puppies, so the medical team worked quickly with flashlights. Thankfully, all nine furry friends were found to be healthy!

4. Stronger and Healthier

Image: Scribol

As time went on, both mother and pups began to put on weight while staying at the clinic. Growing stronger everyday, the puppies were little furry bundles of joy at Hope for Paws!

3. Growing Up Quick

Image: Daily Feed

The puppies grew quickly thanks to their attentive mom. Providing them with all the milk they could drink, the puppies transformed into healthy and happy bundles of mischief. They also began to enjoy their newfound celebrity status.

2. Pooch Celebrities

Image: Daily Feed

Due to the Youtube video documenting their rescue, the mom and her eight puppies became an Internet sensation. The exposure from the video helped Rainbow and her eight puppies find forever homes with all nine being adopted. What started on a stormy night found a happily ever after in the end!

1. From the Storm to a Happy Ending

Image: Scribol

With all eight puppies and a healthy mommy adopted, Hope for Paws continues to rescue dogs in need. Rainbow may have found a happy home, but there are other lost dogs out there with secrets of their own. May they one day be found and have their own happy ending.

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