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Adorable Gecko Can’t Stop Smiling At A Toy That Looks Like Him

Are you having a tough day? Need something to make you feel better? Well, then you came to the right place because today we are going to show you a bunch of pictures about a cute gecko who can’t stop smiling when seeing his toy doppelganger. #14 and #6 are our favorite photos!

20. Cute Gecko

It’s not often that you see pets with a smile so bright, but this gecko is special! It all started when he met his toy doppelganger.

19. Toy Doppelganger

As you can clearly see, this gecko loves spending time with his toy friend. The gecko loves posing so much that he could be a professional model! Check out the next picture and you will see why.

18. Professional Model

This smiling gecko is so cute that he could easily be a professional model! Let’s check out another angle of this smiling gecko!

17. Different Angle, Same Handsome Gecko


I wonder what this gecko is thinking about. I wish I could be so happy all time, but hey this is what makes our gecko special. The next photo is hilarious! 

16. Big Smile

Even though he doesn’t have any teeth, the gecko is not shy from showing how big his smile can get! Let’s leave this great smile aside for a second and see how cute the gecko looks while cuddling with his doppelganger.

15. Cuddling Time

Have you ever seen another pet to love his toy as much as this gecko does? It seems like they are a perfect fit for each other. Can you guess what the gecko does after cuddling?

14. Permanent Smile

This gecko must really be enjoying his life if he smiles likes this all the time. The gecko is so happy that he even smiles in his dreams! Look at how cute he is in the next photo.

13. Happy Dreams

The gecko must be dreaming of something nice. Even though this is hard to believe, the next picture is even cuter than this one!

12. Family Portrait


Isn’t this family portrait just the cutest picture ever? I never wanted a gecko pet before, but these pictures make me consider getting one! However, the cute gecko does get tired from smiling all day long…

11. Getting Tired

What else is a cute gecko to do after playing around all day other than to sleep? The coolest thing about this gecko is not just the fact that he is constantly smiling, but the weird positions he falls asleep in! Check out the next picture to see what I am talking about.

10. Weird Sleeping Positions

Since this is a gecko we are talking about, no one should be surprised to find out that he loves falling asleep in weird positions like this one! And when he wakes up…

9. Waking Up

Even though no one likes waking up, our gecko does the cutest thing whenever he wakes up. Scroll down to see how much cuter this gecko can get!

8. Winking

As if smiling wasn’t cute enough, the gecko also loves winking at the camera. As previously mentioned, the pet could easily get a job as a professional model. The next picture makes us believe that even more!

7. Modeling

I bet that having this cute gecko around the house will make your day better! What better way to improve your mood than by taking pictures and admiring this cute little pet.

6. Tired Gecko

As this picture clearly shows, the gecko does get tired from time to time. But, who wouldn’t get tired after smiling and playing around all day long? Nonetheless, the cute guy gets in good spirits really quick.

5. Good Mood

I wish I was in a good mood like this gecko is. However, the toy doppelganger is not the only toy that this gecko has! Keep reading to see what I am talking about.

4. New Toy

The gecko’s owner loves to get him toys, especially when seeing that playing with toys makes him so happy. Although, that’s not the only thing that the owner loves to do…

3. Christmas Cards

The other thing that the gecko’s owner loves to do is to take cute pictures and make special Christmas cards. Nonetheless, let’s check out another picture that shows us the gecko with all of his favorite friends.

2. Best Friends

Isn’t it adorable how happy this gecko is around his best friends? I don’t even know who is cuter. The posing reindeer or the short Santa? Who do you think?

1. Lunch Time!

The little fellow loves posing even when he’s eating, and we just can’t get enough of him! We can’t wait to see other cute photos of this adorable creature.

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