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20 Things You Can’t and Should NEVER Do in a Disney Park

The Disney theme parks are pretty magical places, but did you know there’s a few rules of what you can’t do? You’d be surprised! Disney cast members have their own strict rules to follow but here’s a few things to know before you go to any of the Disney parks. 


  1. Use a Selfie Stick

Image: Momtastic

Selfie sticks are banned from Disney Parks and if you’re found with one, you’re going to have to check it in or return it to your hotel. Disney previously allowed selfie sticks in the park, just not on rides or attractions, but then they had an incident on a roller coaster in 2015. Now? No selfie sticks… not even in Disney Springs.

  1. Buy Gum

Image: Pinsdaddy.com

Ever notice how clean the Disney Parks are? You may notice that there’s no gum anywhere on the ground or tables. Disney World — and the other parks — don’t sell gum. You can get candy galore at various candy stores and gift shops, but not gum. Disney wants to keep its park gum-free as possible.

  1. Wear a Costume if Age 14 and Up

Image: Oh My Disney

Disney has set times where you can wear costumes in the parks and if you wear one outside those times, you’re sure to be asked to change or leave. Disney wants to make sure that children interact with a verified and official Disney character for safety reasons so guests age 14 and up can’t wear costumes except during special times.

  1. Take Flash Photos During a Ride or Attraction

Image: Notey

Flash photography isn’t allowed during rides or attractions. You’ll often hear a spiel about how you shouldn’t do it, and well, most of the time, you’ll be near a guest who does just that. It’s a matter of not distracting the other guests, affecting any performers, or triggering a guest’ medical condition, so be aware.

  1. Take Rollercoaster Video

Image: Techno Buffalo

YouTube is full of rollercoaster POV videos, but Disney doesn’t want you shooting them. Reportedly if you’re on the Aerosmith Rocking Rollercoaster and seen with a video camera, they won’t even let the ride take off until you store your camera. Don’t make other riders annoyed, keep the video camera away.

  1. Flash Yourself on a Disney Ride

Image: Tripsavvy

Splash Mountain is known for the splash down camera that takes your picture as you go down the final plunge, but many take this chance to do something a little off. Yes, guests sometimes flash their chests at the camera. The photos aren’t shown at the end of the ride with everyone elses and Disney does not look too kindly on it. Don’t turn Splash Mountain into Flash Mountain, okay?

  1. Cut in Line

    Image: Shnugglebunny

We know, you’re really excited and want to ride Space Mountain or The Haunted Mansion, but Disney doesn’t want you to cut in line. In fact, if cast members see you cut in line, they can ask you to leave.

  1. Blow Up a Balloon in Animal Kingdom

Image: Family Vacations R Us

Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is home to many animals, and so Disney doesn’t want them to be easily spooked, hence balloons are banned. Don’t try to blow up or discard a balloon while on the property, or you may be asked to leave.

  1. Have Offensive Tattoos

Image: TattooJournal

If your tattoos are inappropriate for children and they’ve been left exposed, you may be asked to cover up. Disney wants to keep the magic for their guests and tattoos deemed offensive or inappropriate will need to be covered. An old April Fool’s joke news segment still gets passed around sometimes that says Disney bans all guests with tattoos, but that’s not true.

  1. Let Someone Use Your Magic Band or Ticket

Image: Magical World of Walt

Thinking of letting someone else enjoy the magic? Not so fast, because Disney has a fingerprint scanner that eliminates that. Now if you bought a Magic-Your-Way ticket and you didn’t use it yet, you can contact Disney to transfer it, but don’t just hand it over to the other person without doing so.

  1. Spread Ashes at Haunted Mansion

Image: Nerdist

The Haunted Mansion rides at Disney Parks are the home of 999 Happy haunts and there’s always room for one more. Some people are fanatics about Disney and they may leave their loved ones instructions to scatter their ashes at the Haunted Mansion….but Disney doesn’t like it. Disney won’t confirm it happens — except there’s one documented 2007 news story — but rumors abound that people do this and the code for it among employees is “HEPA cleanup.”

  1. Bring Weapons, Even Fake Ones

Image: Disney Dining

You may want to bring a weapon or a fake one to go with your costume for a special event, but Disney Parks won’t let you in with it if they judge it looks too real. No weapons of any kind, concealed carry or not, are allowed on Disney grounds. Oh and this includes any painted rocks too — Disney doesn’t consider them art, but weapons.

  1. Bring Wrapped Presents

Image: Undercover Tourist

Disney is a magical place for birthdays, yes, it’s true, but what about birthday presents? You can’t bring them in if they’re wrapped because it’s a safety hazard. Disney staff don’t know what could be in those boxes and so they will unwrap them before letting you into the park. Stick to an open gift bag that can be easily checked if you need to bring in a gift.

  1. Run

Image: Dreamers Do Travel

Everyone is excited at a Disney Park, and so you logically want to run, right? Don’t. Disney doesn’t approve of running because it poses a safety risk to you, other guests and the cast members at the parks. What if you were running and ran right into a pole? Yeah, don’t run except at the official RunDisney events.

  1. Bring in Glass Containers

Image: Chicago Tribune

It’s common in many arenas, concert venues, and other places where people gather that glass containers are banned. It goes without saying that Disney doesn’t want you to bring them into their parks either. It doesn’t matter if you have a glass water bottle, you can’t have it, so leave it home or at the hotel.

  1. Buy Pepsi

Image: Build a Better Mousetrip

Pepsi products and Dr. Pepper aren’t found anywhere in the parks. Disney has an exclusive with Coke, so if you love Pepsi or Dr. Pepper, make other plans or else you may be stuck with water. You can bring in your own provided it’s in a plastic container. But hey, you can find all of the Coke you want…even a giant store of it.

  1. Use a Skateboard or Wheeled Sneakers

Image: Disney Dining

Honestly, skating around Disney Parks would be pretty cool but you can’t do it: Disney bans skateboards and wheeled sneakers. You also can’t bring wagons and scooters either. Again, this is a safety precaution for guests and cast members — who are allowed to skate, as you can see, in official functions.

  1. Fly a Drone

Image: WDWNT

Disney uses its own drones in certain shows, but guests aren’t allowed to bring or fly their own. It may tempting to fly a drone around the Disney property away from the parks, such as on hotel grounds, but don’t try it. Disney is a No-Fly Zone. You may be able to look at the area’s specific flight regulations per park and fly just under radar, but you’d be flirting with trouble.

  1. Bring Folding Chairs

Image: Pinterest

You may think that you can bring in some folding chairs to the parks to make it easy to see a parade, especially if you’re coming in after a little bit of rest. Nope, you can’t bring chairs to the parks, not even the water parks. You’ll just have to reserve a space in the water parks or, if you’re in Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, etc, just find a nice place to relax or watch the events.

  1. Bring Your Own Alcohol

Image: The Frugal South

This is kind of a no-brainer, but still: You can’t bring your own alcohol into the parks, despite the fact that some parks sell alcohol. When your bag is searched — all bags are —and you have alcohol, you will be told it can’t be taken into the park. You may be asked to put it in a locker or dump it depending on the circumstances, or simply take it to your vehicle or hotel. Don’t worry, you’ll be afraid to find good drinks in the parks.


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