The 10 best video game endings

Even though video games prove to be much longer in length than other forms of media and entertainment, there’s still something quite cathartic about reaching one’s end. An element which seems so easy to mess up for so many, ending a game means leaving you with a feeling that is both powerful as it is […]

The 10 best Hack and Slash games

As much as a lot of us would refuse to admit it, there’s nothing quite like unleashing some aggression. Video games let us easily live out this fantasy many times over, often offering up wave after wave of generic bad guy punchbags as we make our way through such detailed worlds, lining themselves up alongside […]

10 most memorable aliens in games

Whether they’re slimy, huggable, or just all-round otherworldly, us gamers tend to have a soft spot for top notch alien creature design. And although most are portrayed as enemies, it’s still just as satisfying to shoot a Chimeran marauder directly in the jaws as it is to see our favourite Lombax traverse unearthly cityscapes in […]

Top 10 games centred around war

Wars (be they fictional or fact) easily make for a great backdrop to a video game thanks to their unmatched sense of intensity, brutality and an overarching sense that the stakes have never been higher. Most countries were formed in the fires of war, so it’s rather fitting that so many centuries later they’ve grown […]

The 10 best Grand Theft Auto missions

For every time the Grand Theft Auto series provides thrill, action and high-octane set pieces, there are just as many missions which sees the series take itself not so seriously. We’ve handily compiled this list using the best of both, analysing bank robberies, tech start-up infiltrations and vehicle chases to deliver the top 10 GTA missions […]

The best Lord of the Rings games ever released

While Monolith’s Shadow of War might be a technical marvel with its power-pushing graphics and admittedly genius Nemesis system, prior to its release there was a slew of great games based on Tolkien’s Fantasy books. To celebrate the best of them, here are IGCritic’s top five Lord of the Rings games: 5. LEGO Lord of […]

Let’s rank the Uncharted games!

Playstation’s Uncharted series is singlehandedly responsible for delivering some of the most polished, cinematic, and adventurous interactive experiences out there. Not content with simply providing players with wall-to-wall third-person shooting galleries full of forgettable grunts (although they do get their comeuppance), with every new Uncharted release developers Naughty Dog prove that they remain titans in […]

The top 10 Pirate games

Pirate Games that place buccaneering and mercantilism firmly at the forefront have become a bit niche as of late. However, with Johnny Depp intent on resurrecting everyone’s favourite swashbuckler that we love to hate every other year or so in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, why not whet your appetite with these pirate games? […]

Assassin’s Creed’s best Assassins RANKED!

What would Assassin’s Creed be were it not for the titular assassins themselves? However, with well over ten main series entries and a glut of hooded heroes heading them up, many have fallen by the wayside destined to forever be forgotten, lost to history like the artefacts of Eden. We’ve decided to compile a list […]

The very best turn-based games

Whether used as the central combat mechanic in a tactical strategy game or a fantastical role-playing epic, certain tentpole games of the past have made a point of proving that it can sometimes be better to take turns. Letting players weigh up the situation and slow things down a bit, turn-based games have made a […]

Let’s rank the numbered Resident Evil games!

Few video game franchises have enjoyed as much success as the lauded Resident Evil series. Much more than just your scary soiree into the unknown, were it not for the first game survival horror as we know it would be a very different beast. Literally! Over the years it’s continued to evolve, iterate, and adapt, […]

The best PlayStation VR announcements to come out of E3

If you’ve invested in PlayStation VR, you’ve done so knowing that you’re taking part in an experimental time in the commercial lifecycle of virtual reality. For as immersive and astounding the up-close experiences can be, Soy is still having a problem getting it in people’s hands and showcasing its benefits. With PlayStation VR, it really […]

The Best Walking Simulators you can play right now!

Trading in tight or complex gameplay for what is often an engaging and thought provoking narrative wrapped in vast exploration, walking simulator video games have created a genre of their own and with any luck are here to stay. The following is list with our best walking simulators that we’ve played recently. The best walking simulator games present players with […]

Five of the best Nintendo Switch ports!

It’d be safe to say that Nintendo’s experimental hybrid platform has been a rousing success. In part due to its versatile ability to played in two fashions, but also because Nintendo have done a bang-up job ensuring that there’s plenty to play on it. Ports are sometimes given a bad reputation, but are often a […]

The best metroidvanias you can play in 2018 that don’t have the word ‘Metroid’ in the title

It was video games that first taught me that sometimes, in order to go forward, you must first go back. Rather than follow a scripted, linear path a certain genre was born out of the pioneering need to gain new abilities and skills, powering yourself up before venturing onwards. Popularised by both the Metroid and […]