Waiter Kicks Out A Homeless Man Out Of Restaurant, The Man Shockingly Responds With “I Might Buy This Restaurant So I Can Fire You” -
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Waiter Kicks Out A Homeless Man Out Of Restaurant, The Man Shockingly Responds With “I Might Buy This Restaurant So I Can Fire You”

Social experiments are all the rage on the internet, where TV networks, companies and even vloggers compete to demonstrate an important social point by staging an encounter. That’s what happened with Coby Persin, a vlogger who pretended to be homeless to prove a point.

14. Popular Vlogger

Image: Entertainment Focus

Coby Persin is a vlogger with a 3 million-person following. At just 23 years old, he has become a millionaire. Although Persin is famous, he tries to be humble. He says he lives by the philosophy “don’t ever judge a book by its cover.”

13. What Would You Do?

Image: Release Date TV

Coby recently did a social experiment that seems designed by the ABC show of a similar nature, called “What Would You Do?” Coby took to the streets carrying a trash bag of clothes, dressed poorly and unwashed. His goal? To look like a homeless person.

12. No Reservations

Image: Eliite Reader

Coby’s next move was to go to an expensive restaurant. He picked on that had mostly outdoor seating to maximize his impact. He asked the host if he could reserve a table for two people, including, of course, himself. This isn’t Coby’s first attempt at pretend homelessness. The picture above shows him posing as a homeless drug addict.

11. Too Expensive

Image: Unilad

The host was not willing to reserve Coby a table. The employee gets defensive, saying,  “I’m sorry. We’re not going to be able to do it, sir,” he said. “This place is a little too expensive for you. Nope. We can’t serve you. We’re not gonna serve you today. I’m sorry about that.”

10. Apology Not Accepted

Image: Unilad

The employee was apologetic, that played right into Coby’s grand social experiment. You see, Coby had decided to film the whole encounter so he could upload it later to his YouTube channel. The employee and the restaurant had no idea they were going to be filmed.

9. “Go Away”

Image: YouTube

Coby, clutching his garbage bag, insisted he could afford to eat at the restaurant. Finally, the host made the mistake of angrily telling Coby to just “go away.” He suggested Coby eat at McDonald’s, which he could presumably afford.

8. A Phone Call

Image: YouTube

Coby then took out a cell phone and made a phone call. The employee continued to insist that Coby leave the property right away. He also told Coby to finish his call elsewhere. Coby wasn’t about to leave, since the end of his stunt was still coming up.

7. The Chauffeur

Image: YouTube

The employee had no idea that he was about to be played by Coby, who had called someone to verify he had the funds for the table. The person on the other end of the phone was his chauffeur, Ronaldo. Soon Ronaldo arrived driving his boss’s Rolls Royce.

6. The Lecture

Image: Mirror

Ronaldo completed the escapade by opening the trunk and pulling out a suitcase full of money. “I told you I had money,” Coby lectured the man “You know, what’s crazy is how you judge people by their appearance. I might buy this spot, just so I can fire you. You’re lucky.”

5. Raising Awareness

Image: Wiki

Coby claims he was trying to draw attention to the homeless problem in the United States. There are an estimated 554,000 homeless people, including children, living on the streets. They too experience discrimination on a daily basis, although not from attempting to reserve tables while their chauffeur waits around the corner with a bag full of money.

4. Burger King’s Campaign

Image: Wide Open Eats

Coby’s experiment isn’t new. Many people are doing social experiments designed to hold a mirror up to society’s ills. Burger King sponsored an anti-bullying campaign in 2017. Its campaign showed child actors pretending to bully each other in a Burger King. The purpose of the Burger King experiment was to see if adults stepped in to stop the kids from bullying each other.

3. Whopper Junior

Image: YouTube

Most adults did nothing to stop the bullying, which gradually included taunts and even a physical scuffle. The adults tended to shrink back and pretend it wasn’t happening. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Burger King employees prepared to teach the adults a lesson by serving Whopper Juniors chopped up into pieces.

2. The Point?

Image: WHAM

Their point? That the Burger King employee didn’t do anything wrong by handing out damaged product. They simply “bullied the burger” and no one should complain. The adults were angry. In the end, the experiment showed that only 12 percent of adults intervened.

1. Good or Bad?

Image: Coby Persin/ABC

Like Burger King, Coby hopes to raise awareness of a serious problem. He argues that he is teaching people to treat every human being with respect. His critics contend that the incident wasn’t about homelessness, it was about Coby creating content for his vlog and highlighting his own wealth. What do you think?

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