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Disturbing Facts About The Internet’s Evil Twin, The Dark Web

Chances are you have heard references to the Dark Web and Deep Web and all of the things that go on beyond the internet we all know and love. But do you really know what’s on offer on these other levels of the internet? We did some digging and came up with some troubling facts about the Dark and Deep Web.

15. Deep Web

Image: Medium

The Deep Web is the deepest level of the internet. It includes all websites which are not accessed through usual search engines like Google or Bing or Yahoo. The content was purposely created to avoid being indexed, meaning that it retains more privacy than the modern internet allows. Residents of authoritarian countries, journalists and whistleblowers often use deep web sites to communicate.

14. Dark Web

Image: New Scientist

The Dark Web is an even deeper realm of the internet which can only be accessed in a series of steps that masks a user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. Once the user is on the Dark Web, their identity and location is hidden. Dark Web users can engage in illegal activities such as trafficking in stolen credit card information, identity documents, weapons, drugs, and many other activities.

13. Larger Than “The Internet”

Image: Phys.org

Would it surprise you to know that the Surface Internet – the one you use every day – is much smaller than the Deep and Dark Webs? Current estimates say the Deep Web could be 400 to 500 times larger.

12. Generating Half a Million Daily

Image: Dark Web News

The Dark Web is believed to generate $500,000 in transactions daily. Users can purchase fake passports for as little as $1,000.00. Bitcoin lottery tickets, fake coupons, and even fake degrees an all be had for the right price. They can also find stolen accounts for services like Netflix and Paypal.

11. Besa Mafia

Image: Risk Based Security

Although the Dark Web has an infamous reputation for making hitmen services available, many people fell for a complex scam that promised hitmen for a fee. It was called Besa Hitmen and it required those who placed an order for a murder to commit an illegal act first. The site was run by the Besa Mafia, and no one knows if it is real or not.

10. Terrorists

Image: IBTimesUK

Islamic terrorists known as ISIS commonly uses the Dark Web for many purposes: recruitment, fundraising, propaganda, and procurement of weapons. The NSA has started using software called XKeyscore to find out the identity of users who interact with ISIS on the Dark Web.

9. Silk Road Drug Marketplace

Image: 71 Republic

The first point-and-click website accessible on the Dark Web was called the Silk Road which was formed by a person known as Dread Pirate Roberts. This was the alias of Ross Ulbricht, who was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2017 after he was identified as setting up the site. Silk Road connected people who wanted to buy drugs and other contraband. Of the 10,000 products for sale in 2013, over 70 percent were drugs.

8. Book Club

Image: Daily Dot

The Silk Road Book Club survived multiple closures and still exists as a chat room. The Club allowed users to trade and sell books that were banned or about taboo subjects like computer hacking and conspiracy theories. Users could obtain books like “The Anarchist Cookbook” and “Defeating Electromagnetic Door Locks.”

7. Doomsday Preppers

Image: Reddit

Some activities on the Deep and Dark Web are legal. This is the case for the “Strategic Intelligence Network” which allows Doomsday Preppers to share information about how they will survive the apocalypse. Natural disasters, riots, government takeovers, and even war are all dealt with by the members, who advise people on how to survive and thrive in bad conditions.

6. Anonymous Email

Image: MakeUseOf

Anonymous email accounts are located on the Deep Web. AnonInbox is a private email service that allegedly cannot be traced nor archived nor seen by any government. “If you have nothing to hide, then use Yahoo and Gmail instead. We believe that your email belongs to you and you only and we can provide solution [sic] for you to achieve this goal.”

5. Fake Diplomas and Grade Changing

Image: Security Affairs

There is a huge market for fake degrees on the Deep Web. There is great diversity of fake degrees on the offer, from world renowned universities like Harvard, Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge, to less common universities like Liverpool John Moores University, Middlesex University, and the University of Northern Iowa. What’s more, people can also hire hackers to change their actual grades.

4. US Government Funded

Image: Dark Net Markets

The only way to access the Deep Web is through a system known as Tor, which facilitates anonymous communications. A hacker discovered documents in 2014 showing that the US government, through the Naval Research Laboratory and DARPA actually funded Tor. The hacker also found code showing that NSA may have compromised Tor already.

3. Child Spirits

Image: MensXP.com

There is a market for just about anything that any culture finds valuable. In Thailand and other eastern nations, there is a belief that voodoo masters can procure the spirits of children who were miscarried or died. People who believe this also think that voodoo masters can make the spirits do things. On the Dark Web, people buy “child spirits” and ask them for favors.

2.Black Market for Sperm

Image: Indian Times

There is a black market for sperm on the Deep Web. The black market increased after the UK passed a law stating that children conceived with anonymous sperm had a right to trace their parentage once they turned 18. This created a crisis in British fertility clinics, where couples sought sperm donors who would never be known. In 2010, two British men were arrested for brokering sperm donations, making around $400,000.

1. Human Trafficking

Image: The Independent

Human traffickers use the Dark Web. Back in 2017, Interpol arrested a polish man who kidnapped a British model with the intent of selling her to what he described as “Arabs, who will feed you to tigers when they get bored with you.” The model woke up inside a suitcase in the trunk of a car. The man said he was affiliated with the Black Death Group, a notorious group of traffickers.

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