Couple Notice Something Strange While Walking Their Dog And Decide To Dig Around It, Unearths Gold Coin Stash Worth $10 Million -
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Couple Notice Something Strange While Walking Their Dog And Decide To Dig Around It, Unearths Gold Coin Stash Worth $10 Million

The next time you walk your dog, pay attention to your surroundings. You may end up making a discovery like this couple made: $10 million in rare coins. This incredible find came when they were out on an ordinary day with their dg, and changed their lives. Read on to discover this amazing story!

15. John and Mary

Image: Pexels

John and Mary, a couple who decided to remain anonymous, had a tree and their property in California. The tree was unusual ad grew up n their hill but the most peculiar thing was the old can hanging from its branches.

14. Saddle Ridge

Image: Wikipedia

The tree was located in an area the couple called “Saddle Ridge” and they figured the hanging can was meant as an old gravestone marker. They didn’t know the real purpose of the can but they soon would.

13. A Second Can

Image: Wikipedia

On the day of their discovery, they were walking the trail near the tree and Mary spotted a second can. The can had previously been covered by soil but erosion revealed it to the couple. They wondered what could be in it. 

12. Curiosity Kicks In

Image: Public Domain Pictures

Mary couldn’t resist and decided to see what was in the second can. John commented “Don’t be bending over to check on a rusty can” but she couldn’t let it go. They decided to get a stick and dig it up.

11. The Dig

Image: Bob Vila

Digging up the second can, the couple removed the dirt around it. They pried it up from the ground and carried the can home. It was heavy but they didn’t open up until they reached their home.

10. What Was Inside?

Image: Saddle Ridge Hoard

Once safely inside the house, the couple decided to see what was inside. Opening the can, they found a stack of coins. Not just any kind either, buy coins from the 19th century. Were there more cans out there? They had to know.

9. More Cans

Image: Collectors Universe

Racing back to the tree, the couple soon had their answer. Yes, there were more cans. They ended up finding 7 cans total, each filled with coins. The total came to over 1,000 coins!

8. A Shock

Image: Mashable

John and Mary were shocked by their find, their first instinct was to bury it underneath their woodpile. They knew that had made a significant discovery and had to contact a coin expert about their find.

7. The Coins

Image: National Geographic

The couple examined their find. All of the coins were in stunningly good condition and were from 1847 to 1894. With their home located in Gold Country, it was clear that this cache of coins was minted during the Gold Rush

6. Double Eagles

Image: IB Times

A bulk of the coins turned out to be $20 gold pieces also known as double eagles. These coins were minted in San Francisco with the gold nuggets found during the great gold rush. But something else was in the can.

5. Amazing Find

Image: Twitter

The couple soon learned that their find was actually historic. When they contacted experts, they were told that the Saddle Ridge Hard, as it was named, was the biggest treasure hoard find in history — the previous was in Jackson, Tennessee in 1985. That wasn’t all they learned.

4. Best Examples

Image: Los Angeles Times

After contacting the numismatics firm Kagin’s in Tiburon, California, the couple learned that their find had some of the best representations of these particular coins in history. The face value of the coins was declared at $27,980 but would fetch way higher at auction.

3. $1 Million Coins

Image: NBC News

Kagin’s graded the coins and informed the couples of their findings. One coin alone was valued at around $1 million: 1866-S $20 Double Eagle/no motto. It wasn’t the only super valuable coin, however, as the hoard likely had more coins worth $ 1 million each.

2. Who Buried the Coins?

Image: Durango Herald

The answer as to why the coins were buried remains a mystery. Some suspect that the coins were stolen from the U.S Mint but that theory has been disproven. Was it an eccentric person who distrusted banks? A prospector who planned to come back? We may never know.

1. Financial Help

Image: PInterest

It was quite a windfall for John and Mary who admitted that they had suffered some recent financial setbacks. They were thrilled with the find because it allowed them the opportunity to keep their house and settle debts. And they learned a valuable lesson: sometimes it pays to be curious even about old cans!

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