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10 Most Anticipated RPGs for 2017

5. Nioh

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Technically yes, Nioh is out, but I haven’t played it and this is my list of 2017’s most anticipated RPG games, so it counts as an anticipated for me. Comparisons to Dark Souls have, fairly, been made about the title, but Nioh does enough to take the formula made popular by the dark medieval franchise and give it a good twist. Now wearing a more feudal japan armoured skin over its setting, Nioh promises the same brutal difficultly and hard learning experiences that fans of similar titles have loved in the past, but does enough to stand out as its own game apart from the crowd.

From the many subtle differences in play styles to weapon stances and skills, multiple ways to approach combat and the many demons and boss to conquer, Nioh gives us a new way to play an old friend. The one that kills us repeatedly and doesn’t stop kicking us when we’re down.

4. Persona 5

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I’m honestly waiting for Persona 5 to release NOW just so I can stop writing about wanting to play it. Persona fans have been waiting for a new main title in the cult classic franchise for many a year now, and despite push backs and those painful international release waits, Persona 5 is finally so close to being ours.

Exploring and living in modern Tokyo, our protagonist and the rest of the Phantom Thieves will let us dive right back into the world of persona with a new group of teenage students living the high school life of making friends, studying for exams and occasionally pulling heists while fighting off people’s inner demons with their personas. The normal stuff. With a slick new theme that is dripping style in everything from the combat to the interfaces, Persona 5 looks to be one of the best games releasing in 2017 in my books, and I can’t wait for its release. It’s only lower on this list because I know what to expect, and a little longer wait after all this time won’t kill me.

3. Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Well it’s finally happening, after years and years of complaining, we’re finally getting a remake to one of the most popular Final Fantasy games to date. Of course what we want is not always what we get though, and it didn’t take long for people to complain that we were now getting the remake they asked for. To be fair Final Fantasy VII is truly confirmed for 2017, but it’s possible we could be seeing this late Q4, especially with the Final Fantasy momentum we’ve had recently.

I for one, never did play the original game in all of its blocky glory back in the day, so I’m keen to see what all the fuss is about if nothing else. For a new player like myself I’m looking forward to experiencing this classic Final Fantasy tale re-imagined with its shiny new graphics and a poly count higher than the title number. I personally don’t mind the faster pace action the series has recently been leaning more towards either, so I’m game, it’s long overdue for me to get on this hype train. Love it or hate it though, this is definitely one people want to see come out, if only to see our reward for years of patience.

2. Nier: Automata

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Platinum’s new action RPG returns to the Nier franchise, sort of, in one of the best looking sci-fi post-apocalyptic worlds in recent years. I’ve never played the Nier games before it, but since this is set in a completely alternate reality or something of that sort, you can go in blind no worries. I’ll admit I took very little interest in this one at first, but Platinum definitely know how to make a great action title, and Nier: Automata looks to be one of their best games.

Set in a world abandoned by humans, you get to run through a lifeless empty world with the android duo 2B and 9S. With the human race long gone, earth belongs to the left behind robots and androids now, and frankly I don’t know much more than that, I don’t want to yet. Nier: Automata has slick action, an immersive atmosphere and a world I can’t wait to dive into myself, and the little I have seen is enough to make me want to wait to experience the rest myself. If you need something to experience it first hand, the demo can give a taste of exactly what to expect, otherwise I think this a case of seeing less is best.

1. Mass Effect Andromeda

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Good old Mass Effect, I sort of missed you. I loved the original trilogy of Mass Effect, I still think they are some of the best sci-fi games to date in video games, but I think we all know where I’m going with this. Like most, the ending really left a bitter taste in my mouth. I know deep down I should get past it, but it soured the Mass Effect games more than I thought possible, my memories forever corrupted. So maybe it is a good thing the Ryder family apparently felt the same way so much, that they left the entire galaxy.

With a fresh start, a new galaxy to explore and another cast of romance options to meet, I’m looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda the most in 2017, because I really want it to rekindle the love for the first Mass Effect games. As the Ryder siblings both step into the spotlight as pathfinders for this new adventure, the games plot is practically trying to find the Mass Effect series a new beginning. I can go with that. I just want to like the franchise once again more than anything. Looking amazing with large open worlds and more fluid combat systems than before doesn’t hurt its chances either.

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