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10 Best Hitman Assassination Contracts

5. St Petersburg Stakeout (Silent Assassin)


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An undeniable classic of the Hitman series, so much so that it got remade in turn-based mobile form with Hitman Go, St Petersburg Stakeout was one of Silent Assassin’s most sprawling levels that tasked Agent 47 to eliminate an unidentified Russian army general. You can choose to assassinate the target either from afar thanks to the convenient placement of an opposite tower block, or sneak in to the classified meeting ninja style in the guise of an FSB agent or solider. This can often prove more challenging than expected however, as getting behind an unaware bystander out in the open requires skill. If all goes well the mission will go from stakeout to takeout, well done 47.

4. A Murder of Crows (Blood Money)

A Murder of Crows (Hitman: Blood Money)

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Perhaps one of the most recognisable assassination contracts present in a Hitman game, and not only because it had a brief cameo in the original film-adaptation that nobody saw. A Murder of Crows instantly impressed with its crowd physics which saw hundreds of NPCs flood the screen (a feature expanded upon in Hitman Absolution’s Terminal mission), challenging Agent 47 to carry out his hit without alerting any one of the many potential witnesses. Of course all sense of logic and tension can immediately be thrown out of the window by dressing up as a chicken, but who cares providing you take out the three required targets.

3. The King of Chinatown (Absolution)

The King of Chinatown (Hitman Absolution)

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One of Hitman Absolution’s most open locations that veered away from the more linear approach, The King of Chinatown sees Agent 47 return to business as usual following a short tutorial level, this time amongst the midst of a jam-packed Chinatown district. The contract starts by you needing to locate the target, before eventually ending his life through any one of a dozen methods. Be it through poisoned food, an unsuspecting explosion in the back of an alley, or even dropping some conveniently suspended cargo atop his head, The King of Chinatown was our first taste of a truly open Hitman level in glorious HD.

2. Flatline (Blood Money)

Flatline hitman

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You sometimes forget just how much of a cultural impact Blood Money initially had back in 2006, delivering hit after hit in terms of memorable assassination contracts and yet another example of this is Flatline. Requiring Agent 47 to successfully infiltrate a rehab centre to gain an audience with his target, you’re able to do this either by posing as a member of staff or genuinely checking in as a patient but at the risk of losing your classic baller pistols. However you choose to take it on, it’s safe to say the doctor won’t be seeing his patients any time soon

1. Curtains Down (Silent Assassin)

Curtains Down Silent Assassin

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It was always inevitable for Agent 47 to pay a visit to a theatre when on assignment, he is dressed for the occasion after all. Curtains down is a series highlight mainly because it presented players with the ability to explore a fully traversable open house theatre, offering plentiful choice in terms of gaining the perfect vantage point. Rather aptly, your target is most vulnerable when rehearsing an execution scene, letting you get very creative in how you take them out with dramatic effect. Whether it’s by replacing a fake gun with the genuine article or elaborately dropping the chandelier on his head, the show will most definitely not go on this time around.

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