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10 Best Episodic Video Games to Play in 2017

5. Resident Evil Revelations 2

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Forget what you think you know about the latter over-the-shoulder Resident Evil games, this episodic Resident Evil entry in the short-lived Revelations series proves that the scares can still come thick and fast. In many ways Revelations 2 acts as the spiritual successor to fan favourite Resident Evil 4, weaving an intriguing narrative that continues the adventures of the problematic Wesker family that just so happens to be spread out across four bitesize chapters. Barry Burton, Claire Redfield and others return in an attempt to escape a creepy island, it’s every horror fan’s wet dream.

4. Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea

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Bioshock Infinite’s two part episodic off-spring not only manages to be packed to the brim with the plasmid mayhem fans of the series have learned to love, but also serves to pretty seamlessly tie together and wrap up both the world’s of Rapture and Columbia. Letting you once again step into the role of private investigator Booker Dewitt (albeit an alternative take) as well as a sneakier Elizabeth, Burial at Sea’s noir tone and clever storytelling is just as smart as it is fulfilling for anyone with a soft spot for Ken Levine’s ambitious series, and it’s one of the best episodic games out there.

3. Batman: The Telltale Series

Batman: The Telltale Series

Out of all the Telltale developed episodic games on this list, few are given the ability to mould and experiment with the chosen IP to the degree that they are able to with Batman. Taking place within its own universe in which the Wayne family weren’t quite as trustworthy and sometime in the Dark Knight’s early career, Batman works so well because of its stellar voice cast and unique take on established conventions that are cleverly flipped on their head. Forgive the few technical hiccups, and Batman is a solid outing for the world’s greatest detective.

2. Until Dawn

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Although released as a standalone package, Until Dawn’s story-driven campaign presents itself across 10 blood-curling chapters that only serves to emphasis the schlocky teen horror aesthetic and feel. It’s a episodic game that finally puts you fully in control of the typical mindless protagonists you’d typically find in a late 80’s horror movie, no longer requiring you to shout at the screen in frustration to try and vie for their survival. Save them all, or let them die. The choice is yours in this utterly brilliant interactive drama, and definitely on of the best episodic games to play in 2017 if you haven’t already.

1. The Wolf Among Us

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If ever you wished your video game characters chose to embrace their wild side a little more often, it simply doesn’t get a lot wilder than taking on the role of the big bad wolf. Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us is a well-written detective drama drenched in vibrant neon, tasking you to get to the bottom of all the fairy tale creature deaths that are occurring in and around New York. There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, and a final showdown that would have any real life wolf licking his wounds.

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