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10 Best Episodic Video Games to Play in 2017

Much like last year, 2017 doesn’t look set to be short on big, bombastic video games scheduled to release. However, if you’re a player who likes to break up the industry’s new and hot releases with something a little more story-driven, bitesize, and relaxing, any of these episodic video games are sure to help you get a hold over that fix.

From emotionally heavy end of the world survival tales that challenges you to protect others to investigatory mysteries that will have you stroking your chin. These are the 10 best episodic video games to play in 2017:

10. The Walking Dead

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It still blows my mind that somewhere out there on the landscape in which humans breathe air, that there are still some people yet to indulge in Telltale’s breakout episodic video game hit and all-round heart-tugger: The Walking Dead. The first season episodic game adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s long-established zombie comic is required reading by this point, being an emotional rollercoaster of a journey in which a beautiful father/daughter relationship is given space to grow despite the horrors happening around them.

9. Hitman

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Prior to the release of 2016’s iteration of stealth-actioner Hitman, not many would have guessed that it would be cropping up on a lot of ‘game of the year’ lists. The episodic format was new for our bald-headed gun for hire but in the end, it went on to pay off tenfold. Drip feeding players to such beautifully realised locations such as Paris and of course the standout Sapienza, many hours of enjoyment can be had thanks to the episodic game’s exploratory trial and error gameplay which blends perfectly with the temporary targets across six fully-fledged Hitman episodes.

8. Life is Strange

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After an experimental and somewhat disappointing first-outing from developer Don’t Nod, they returned in 2015 with what appeared to be a sugar-coated teen drama from the outset, but something a little more special when digging a little deeper and quite possibly the best episodic video game on this list. Life is Strange places you in the role of Max Caulfield, an introverted outsider who’s struggles to save the world, get her homework in on time, and patching things up with her childhood friend resulted in some of the most spectacular storytelling every presented in an episodic game. Top it off with a killer licensed soundtrack, and Life is Strange’s butterfly-effect driven tale is one that nobody should miss.

7. Tales from the Borderlands

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Better than it has any right to be if we’re being honest, Tales from the Borderlands not only managed to inject a healthy dose of story into a franchise where there previously wasn’t one, but also served to heighten the comedy and humour thanks to some remarkably written characters too. The marrying of Telltale’s gameplay and Gearbox’s world turned out to be a match made in heaven, progressing the Borderlands story beyond the addictive shoot ‘n’ loot loop you’d typically expect to find and literally taking it to the next level. Oh, and the ending is basically power rangers, so that’s always nice.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

Now we’re kind of cheating here because Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy game hasn’t really been officially revealed yet – we haven’t even seen one lick of gameplay – but don’t lie to yourselves, you’ll be wanting to play this episodic game in 2017. Already proving that they can expertly manage an ensemble cast and humour made evident by the previous entry, imagine that but now with everyone’s favourite intergalactic dirty dozen. With baby Groot alone makes an appearance, this episodic Telltale game will be flying off the digital store shelves.

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