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10 Best War Games That You Should’ve Played

Wars (be they fictional or fact) easily make for a great backdrop to a video game thanks to their unmatched sense of intensity, brutality and an overarching sense that the stakes have never been higher. Most countries were formed in the fires of war, so it’s rather fitting that so many centuries later they’ve grown increasingly popular in gaming, not merely due to our need to discover but also due to those in search of a thrill. Here are IGCritic’s 10 best war games that you should have played at least once before:

  1. Call of Duty: World at War

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Firing on all cylinders just when critics felt that contemporary shooter heavyweight Modern warfare couldn’t be beat, World at War shoved our faces into the dirty grit of WWII to make for one of the best war based games that was both memorable and distinct. Featuring the welcomed voice talents of Gary Oldman and Keifer Sutherland, World at War was the WWII game to end all WWII games, letting us play out some of the final intense days in both Japan and Germany all in the effort to storm the third reich and take down Hitler in the process.

  1. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

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Charming, vibrant and gorgeous to look at, Valiant Hearts: The Great War took the horrors of loss present in World War One and successfully contrasted it with a beautiful cartoon art-style that weirdly gave the moody events a greater sense of weight and meaning. Told from various unique perspectives and occupations featured in WWI, Valiant Hearts: The Great War is ideal for those who want to experience the ugliness of war in a video game that isn’t a first person shooter.

  1. Conflict Desert Storm II

desert stormBuy Conflict Desert Storm II

Conflict Desert Storm II successfully expanded upon the unique 4 character switching mechanic presented in the first game, upping the stakes by transporting everyone’s favourite Alpha One squad to the ugliness of the Persian Gulf War. The war game was notable for taking place during a war that is not all too often explored a lot in gaming, letting players think tactically by controlling one member at a time in order to triumph over the enemy.

  1. Resistance 3

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Taking place in an alternate reality time line in which an alien menace invades the earth following the conclusion of WWII, Resistance 3 unlike the previous two war games allowed players to travel across South Central America in the wake of events that occurred in previous entries. Less of a military shooter and more of a post-apocalyptic survival game this time round, Resistance 3 is an underappreciated PS3 war game that truly let you see the vile fallout of a losing alien war.

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