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10 Best Alien Creatures in Gaming

  1. Thane (Mass effect 2)


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A member of the drell who was also rumoured to be the most skilled silent assassin in the galaxy, Thane is really the cream of the already very lucrative crop that is the extended cast of Mass Effect 2’s cast of alien characters. He’s a man who lives by a certain code and takes meaning from every target he assassinates. In a universe plagued with gungo-ho races such as the Krogan and ancient aliens from long ago (the Protheans), Thane’s more spiritual approach easily made him one of the most valued members of Sheppard’s crew.

  1. Metroids (Metroid series)

unfreezable metroid

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Die-hard veterans of the series will recognise that no, Ridley is not a Metroid, and while we’re at it Link is not Zelda. But when they aren’t being confused for our hero’s main arch nemesis metroids as an alien species still regularly crop up to give Samus Aran a great deal of trouble. Long rumoured to have been created by an alien race, the Metroid series simply wouldn’t be what it is today without the titular jellyfish-like creatures, with the odd mother brain thrown in for approval. Just don’t too close to those X parasites.

  1. The Locust (Gears of War series)

gears of war locust horde

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Just as Broad-shouldered, mean and gruff as any member of Gears of Wars’ Delta Squad, the Locust simply ooze hatred and evil from their very core, committed to carrying out their goal of terraforming the earth-like planet Sera. This is what makes it all the more satisfying and easy to take a chainsaw to their neck, only to be treated to lashings of reptilian blood to the face. But it’s all worth it in the aid to save humanity from these aliens.

  1. The Covenant (Halo series)


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A society that is actually made up of multiple alien species who seem intent on putting Master Chief and his fellow Spartans through the paces continuously, the Covenant act as the main foe throughout Bungie’s original Halo trilogy. Boasting superior weapon technology and various levels of enemy classes which makes them more formidable, every legendary hero needs a legendary enemy and the Covenant are definitely it.

  1. Mordin Solus (Mass Effect 2)


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I know it’s another Mass Effect 2 character, but it is the grand-daddy of sci-fi RPGs after all. A Salarian geneticist, professor and all-round smart dude, Mordin Solus first makes himself known aboard the Normandy as your Sheppard attempts to regain his/her sea legs after being revived back to life. This guy is all about logic, and thankfully it doesn’t take him too long to discover that reapers = bad and humans = better than reapers anyway. Quick-talking, sensitive and affable, try and keep Mordin alive to the end of the trilogy and he’ll pay you back tenfold.

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