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The 10 Best Video Game Tees to Wear at Gaming Conventions

It’s really quite hard to nail down what the best aspects of say a PAX or E3 sometimes is. Is it the killer game announcements, general atmosphere amongst being like-minded people or checking out everyone’s awesome threads? In the unlikely event that it’s the latter and you don’t fancy yourself much of a cosplayer (I don’t blame you, it sure can get sweaty), take heart in the fact that we at IGCritic have got you covered!

With PlayStation Experience having just recently been announced for December and many more satellite conventions still to come in their respective territories, we’ve put together a list of 10 video game tees no player should find themselves without as they roam the open floor of any gaming convention.

  1. Video Games Don’t Make Us Violent, Lag Does

Video Games Don’t Make Us Violent, Lag Does funny t-shirtBuy This T-Shirt

What gamer hasn’t been in the situation where they’re playing an online multiplayer match with a significant lead, only to be greeted by darkness our old friend, A.K.A Lag. This shirt not only works well because of its easily relatable central message, but the text itself will never fail to catch the eye of anyone who glances at your attire, thanks to the bright text colour that always makes your struggle known.

  1. 8 Reasons To Play Video Games

8 Reasons To Play Video Games funny tee shirtBuy This Shirt

Complete with long sleeves to keep yourself outside the convention center as well as out, this nifty gaming shirt comes in various distinctive colors to once again make your message known. If we could rewrite the history of time and lay out the new laws of the week, it would absolutely be to squeeze in one more day to the week if only to generate more down time for gaming – this shirt conveys this passion.

  1. Minecraft Career Opportunities

Minecraft Career Opportunities funny t-shirtBuy This T-Shirt

A must for any young Minecraft player who hasn’t quite worked out what they want to do in life just yet, this shirt is not only a clever take that riffs off of the near-limitless opportunities available in Minecraft . From treasure hunter, farmer to just plain miner, the shirt captures the pixelated art style of the game perfectly. Who’s expect anything less from an officially licensed Minecraft product.

  1. Running And Gunning Since 1987

Mega Man Running And Gunning Since 1987 t-shirtBuy This T-Shirt

What better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of everyone’s favorite blue bomber next year than by rocking this vintage top that even Dr. Wiley wouldn’t be able to criticize. Especially if you yourself are an 80’s kid and want to prove to the younger crowd that retro games can still be just as fun, this Mega Man tee gives you the ability to relive some of your favorite Mega Man memories and pass them on to others.

  1. Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Short Sleeve shirtBuy This T-Shirt

Now would you kindly not put it off any longer and make your fandom for one of last generation’s most critically acclaimed games known with this awesome short sleeve shirt that really lets the Bioshock logo pop. As we all know, a man chooses and a slave obeys so don’t be a fool and choose this trendy tee the next time you enter the bathysphere or gaming convention.

  1. A Link To The Future

A Link To The Future Parody Tee ShirtBuy This T-Shirt

Expertly fusing two beloved 1980’s properties and blending them effortlessly together, this time it isn’t the past Link will need to travel to in order to save the princess but the future, ideally at 88 mph if he wants to succeed. In all seriousness though, when sporting this fine Link t-shirt at the next gaming convention everyone will appreciate the awesome 8-bit art as well as the ingenious play on words and concept.

  1. Gym Every Day

Pokemon GO To The Gym Every Day funny t shirtBuy This T-Shirt

When a gamer says that they go to the gym, there’d a subtle understanding that the gym in reference doesn’t feature treadmills, cross-fits or free weights, but poke balls, pocket monsters and of course a shiny badge! For those not in the know, this swanky tank top will do just the trick, and on the off chance that you have built up massive arms from throwing those pokeballs, they’ll get shown off too! Win-win.

  1. Coffee +4 Agility +4 Stamina +3 Endurance

Coffee +4 Agility +4 Stamina +3 Endurance teeBuy This T-Shirt

Sometimes we all need a little pick me up after a long day’s roaming the convention hall, so why not make boost the three most important attributes; Agility, Stamina and Endurance with a classic cup of coffee? The shirt’s pixelated and simple design is an effective one, letting people read your thoughts and as you level up without the need to open your mouth.

  1. Snorlax Is My Spirit Animal

Snorlax Is My Spirit Animal funny hoodieBuy This Hoodie

Believe or not, sometimes gamers are still often subject to the stereotype that all we like to do is lounge around all day, and while this isn’t true, this awesome red pokemon Snorlax hoodie takes this common misconception and takes it for a fun spin using everyone’s favorite sleepy pocket monster. Why be limited to an eagle, tiger or armadillo when you can have a Snorlax as your spirit animal, native Americans take note!

  1. Street Fighter Squad Goals

Street Fighter Squad GoalsBuy This T-Shirt

This awesome t-shirt will never fail to give you and everyone else a chuckle after seeing every Street Fighter II character’s defeated pose prominently displayed as a badge of pride. I’m not sure exactly who would want these goals for their squad, unless used as a reminder to Hadoken and Tiger Knee when appropriate – a great choice for any fighting game fan looking to attend an upcoming convention.

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