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Top 10 Goriest and Brutal Deaths in Tomb Raider

Believe it or not, mountaineering through blistering colds and seething hot deserts isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be, this we learnt whilst playing as British bad-ass Lara Croft back when she returned to our lives in the fair old days of 2013. No question whenever the reboot enters conversation it’s almost impossible to forget all of the brutal ways Lara met her demise throughout, subjecting herself to everything from a pike through the skull to literally being caught between a rock and a hard place.

Thankfully the 2015 sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider presents a tamer look the life of an adventurer against the back drop of Siberia, letting those that might be a little more squeamish get in on the fun. But why was this decision take by Crystal Dynamics? Well let’s take a look at Tomb Raider’s top 10 goriest deaths, and remind ourselves why we never need to put ourselves through it again.

  1. Attacked by wolves

Lara Croft death by a wolf

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Manage to escape the grasp of some all too blood-thirsty mercenaries towards the beginning of the game, and you’ll soon be greeted by the least-cuddly pack of grey wolves you’ve ever seen. With no Liam Neeson in sight your only option is to make them take an arrow to the knee as they make their fearsome death pounce. Fail to do this and you’ll experience one of the sorest throats imaginable, not least because it’ll be surrounded by the jaw of a wolf whose bark definitely isn’t worse than their bite. Yum!

  1. Crushed by boulder

Tomb Raider smashed by a boulderRemember that rock and that hard place we mentioned earlier? Well rock meet hard place, particularly if that hard place happens to be the ground. Many times throughout the trek across Yamatai Lara will need to avoid the grasp of enemy huntsman which isn’t ideal when you’re wrestling with a giant boulder too. Fail to fend off either and her legs get crushed from above in quite-expectedly gruesome fashion, no more tomb raiding for you.

  1. Forgetting to open your parachute

Tomb raider death by not opening parachuteNathan Drake unconscious on a crashed train, Marcus Fenix trapped within the belly of the Locust beast, how do our heroes find themselves in all these crazy situations? It should come as no surprise then that in 2013’s Tomb Raider, Lara equally find herself in some sticky situations – none more so than in the cockpit of an upside-down helicopter. When falling through the glass it’s always handy to pop open your parachute however, otherwise get ready to be acquainted with a very messy end.

  1. Water sliding into a rotor

Tomb Raider watersliding to her deathNavigating your way through a downstream river in a video game is nothing too new, what raises the stakes for Lara this time however, is the rather large spinning rotor for you waiting at the end of it. Slide yourself to either side way too late or too early and it’s highly likely that you’ll find yourself trapped, getting on just as well as a piece of paper and an electric shredder. Ouch!

  1. Impaled by pipe

Brutal Tomb Raider death by impalementSo, your feet are getting tired and that rope up above looks very ripe for sliding on, the temptation to cross this great distance so fast quickly takes over, but just make sure you remember to time your drop correctly. Using your trusty pickaxe, Lara can glide as elegantly as an eagle should the situation demand it, eventually introducing her fragile skull to an incredibly sharp pipe should you fluff-up the decent. If the constant stream of enemy gunfire isn’t giving Lara a headache, this’ll do the trick.

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  1. Sword swallowing

Lara Croft getting a sword in her faceUnless you’re in a circus act, when playing Tomb Raider you’ll want to avoid the various mythological samurai enemies sprinkled throughout Yamatai. They’re effectively walking tanks shrouded in metal plating which makes them incredibly hard to take down when too close, eventually driving a katana through Lara’ mouth hard enough that she’ll never enjoy the sensation of taste again, or any other sense for that matter.

  1. Slammed by a giant club

Giant club death in Tomb RaiderDuring the last four hours of Tomb Raider, it’s fair to say that in terms of deathly surprises all bets are off. A perfect example of this is when finally emerging from yet another cave only to be greeted by a hulking great giant who’ll mash you with his equally large spiked club should you not dash away quick enough. The word “Splat” doesn’t quite do this scenario justice.

  1. Trying your luck with a sea mine

Tomb Raider sea mineToward the latter half of the game you’ll eventually come across a fairly tranquil beach, complete with birds, crabs and many other welcoming critters that help to break up the constant barrage of enemies who are always out to take your lunch money. Also on this beach is a very active sea mine, which when shot at or bounced on (guess which one we did), can instantly send your legs one way and your arms another.

  1. Being burned alive

Tomb Raider death by fireIt wouldn’t be an adventuring game unless Lara had the chance to escape from a burning building. Take a little more time than you perhaps should however and it won’t be long before Lara meets yet another grizzly end. What makes this death particularly cringe-worthy is the animation which sees Lara attempt to dampen the flames by clawing at her skin continuously to no successful end, brutal for sure.

  1. Smashed against the rocks

Tomb Raider smashed in rocks

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Being a historical island with a history of harsh tides, you’d think it would be the smart thing for Lara to try and not fall off the coast of Yamatai. Do this and the viscous current will suck you in, bashing Lara’s head in a particularly harsh animation which sees our hero knocked unconscious only to be drowned without any hop of survival. Cheery, I know!

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