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10 Highly Anticipated Indie Games You Should Check Out

Nearly all gamers play or have played a triple-A game before. Unfortunately not all triple-A games actually satisfy gamers. That’s why there are indie developers that pour their heart and soul into a project out of passion, not just to line their pockets or milk a franchise.

Indie developers are the ones that the casual gamer has probably never heard of. Indie developers are the ones that create beloved titles such as Telltale: The Walking Dead, or Five Nights and Freddy’s, which just goes to show that money has got nothing on creative passion. Here are just 10 of the most anticipated upcoming indie video games.

  1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Set in early 15th century Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom Come: Deliverance aims to offer gamers a historically accurate RPG unlike any we’ve seen before. You create your highly customisable character, build relationships, fight, steal, build, and explore the open medieval world in all its horrible glory. The game, developed by Warhorse Studios, contains period-accurate music taken from actual medieval song books. It also features an economy that can be affected by your action or inaction and NPCs that live in this world, reacting to and affected by you. Warhorse Studios seems to have put a lot of passion and effort into this game, which is why there are many who anxiously await its release in 2017. Feast your eyes on it first on their website here.

  1. Outlast II

Developed by Red Barrels, this first-person survival horror game set in the Sonoran desert, throws you into the inquisitive boots of journalist, Blake Langerman, as you search for a missing, pregnant Jane Doe. You won’t really be able to fight, but you can hide, see in the dark (thanks to your handy camera), and lose your sight if your glasses fall off (yes, that can happen). From the gameplay trailer, wherein Blake is running for dear life from what look to be the most macabre farmers in the world, you can see just how frightening the desert can be. Judging from first Outlast (which bears little to no relation to this game in regards to plot), you can be sure that Outlast II is something gamers will be looking out for in 2017. Get a first look on their website here.

  1. We Happy Few

There has been a lot of excitement for this particular first-person survival horror game. We Happy Few, by developer Compulsion Games, features an eerie but surprisingly relevant plot concept. You play as Arthur Hastings (though it was announced that other playable characters would be available after release), a newspaper clerk who is forced to censor ‘unhappy’ news articles. After a bout with traumatic memories of war and his brother, he stops taking his Joy pills and soon after, becomes disillusioned. The world isn’t a bright and happy place, and Arthur Hastings seeks to embrace that by evading Uncle Jack and his forces who run the procedurally generated city. While we haven’t been given an exact date, we know that We Happy Few’s full release will be later this year. See it first at here.

  1. Through the Woods

Announced in 2014, this horror game by developer Antagonist, revolves around a mother searching for her son, who was kidnapped by a shadowy being named Old Erik, in the ghostly woods of Norway (where Antagonist is based). You won’t have to wait long for this beautifully rendered tale of maternal love versus ancient evil. Through the Woods comes out this October. Click here to check it out.

  1. Asura

Loosely based on Hindi mythology (which you may or may not have guessed from the name), Asura is a light-hearted hack-n-slash game in which you play the demon Asura as you fight to annihilate the Daeva empire in randomly generated fortresses, and level up using a procedurally generated skill tree. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a fully powered hindu demon god, Asura is definitely something you should look out for in the future. Check out their official website.

  1. Scorn

Horror is a saturated genre within the video game industry, which is why there has been a lot of talk about Scorn by developer Ebb Software Studio, which seems to be in a world of its own. There isn’t much information available about this game other than that it’s a first-person horror game set in a different universe, but merely search up concept art for the game and you’ll be forced to agree with those who compare it to the works of H.R Geiger in its eerie distinctiveness. The developers have said that the game will be released in two parts, no more and no less, both in 2017. You can see it for yourself at their official website.

  1. Kona

Set in Canada, in 1970, this episodic adventure places you in the snow-covered boots of investigator, Carl Faubert, sent to check out a mysterious village for someone who has purchased property there, where supernatural events have been occurring, including an unnatural blizzard. You’ll search the empty, haunted village, and try your best to survive the elements. This first-person survival game is currently available on PC from Steam, but will be released on consoles some time soon. You can find out more on their website.

  1. Tacoma

Fullbright’s upcoming first-person game, Tacoma was announced back in 2014, is set in a lunar station two hundred miles from Earth. Not much else is known about it, but the trailers and screenshots has people excited, partly due to the success of Fullbright’s first video game, Gone Home, which was also a first-person adventure game. For now, we can only imagine what astronomical adventures Tacoma has in store, until its release in spring 2017. Check it out here.

  1. Curse of Light

This unique platformer focuses on providing you with gameplay featuring light horror elements, puzzles, and adventure. The minimalist environment relatively short single-player campaign length (spanning 1-2 hours) was made to be accessible even to those who don’t own a high-end gaming PC. There’s hope for you yet, Not-quite-PC-Master-Race. Find out more about Curse of Light at IndieDB

  1. Scale

This first-person environment manipulation video game, offers you a unique gameplay mechanic in the form of resizing. Explore the colourful 3D environment and complete puzzles, and fight ferocious enemies by shrinking or growing the objects in front of you with the help of your handy resizing gun. Find out more about Scale on their official website.

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