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10 Best Browser Games to Play in 2016

  1. TagPro

Play for free
Availability: All Browsers

TagPro is a game that can appeal and be understood by anyone, anywhere, regardless of prior gaming knowledge or age. You are a ball, and your teammates are balls and the enemies are balls and everyone is scrambling around to capture the other teams flag. Block other players from touching your flag or pop them once they do! Maybe even activate a trap or slam them into it! Lots of potential can come out of TagPro even when it’s such a simple concept.

  1. Prismata

Play for free
Availability: Java (as of now)

Prismata is a turn based RTS in the shape of a card game. Not fully released as of now but there is a fully fun and playable alpha available. Prismata is a very complicated game and doesn’t have CCG deck building mechanics like the art might suggests but rather players have to reactively plan build orders and actively participate in the matches depending on what is played in turns.

  1. RuneScape

Play for free
Availability: Java, PC Download

The atlas of online browser games and MMO’s, RuneScape is still one of the most popular browser games out there with a very wide audience appeal. Surprisingly, RuneScape does require a stronger machine but soon an engine update will alleviate the issue. In order to enjoy this browser MMORPG to the fullest a subscription is required but the free to play component is satisfactory and rewarding for a time. Aging but still charming.

  1. Duelyst

Play for free
Availability: All browsers (Might need to be downloaded in time)

Duelyst is the newest game in a wave of emerging titles within the genre of multiplayer tactical CCG and so far it is the most polished and refined. Duelyst very much feels like if Hearthstone were to have a playing board. Engaging single player challenges, an epic variety of deck building possibilities, and gorgeous pixel art mixed with digital paint. This is one of the few card games where every turn feels potentially explosive and impactful.

  1. Agar.io

Play for free
Availability: All Browsers

It’s no surprise that Agar.io is top of the list as the best browser game. There are a ton of fun io games releasing these days and in Agar you play as a blob in an open flat world with dozens of other blobbies and you are all just trying to survive! Well, once you lose your contempt with just not getting eaten by bigger blobs, you can begin your conquest by devouring other smaller blobs and climb your way up to the top of the leaderboard – I mean food chain! Another deceptively simple game that actually holds a lot of depth when considering when to take the risk to split your blob, when to run or eat, and especially when adding in the factor of team play. It’s a really simple and clean game that epitomizes the kind of title someone is looking for when looking at online browser games.

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