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Top 10 PlayStation Vita Role Playing Games You Must Play

  1. Danganronpa Series

Danganronpa RPG screenshot

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For a slightly different change in pace, look for the Danganronpa series. Originally released for the PSP, they have been ported and remastered for the PS Vita, under Trigger Happy Havoc for the first game, and Goodbye Despair for the second. The series is known for their murder mysteries and interesting plot, where the protagonist is trapped alongside their schoolmates and must figure out a way to escape, and find the killer.

There is not much actual gameplay in the Danganronpa series, besides the trials where you must piece together clues you’ve found during the chapter, and attempt to pinpoint the murderer. Other than that, the game mostly plays out similar to a ‘Visual novel’, with options to converse or hang out with specific characters during your free time. For those interested, there is also an anime based on this series.

  1. Zero Escape Series

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma characters

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Similar to the Danganronpa series, Zero Escape deals with individuals trapped in deadly situations, with traps and death around every corner. Though the first game in the Zero Escape series is not available on PS Vita, both Virtue’s Last Reward and the newly released Zero Time Dilemma are. These games deal a bit more with the psychological aspect of putting individuals under high-stress environments. Zero Escape gameplay is mostly focused on escaping rooms, and solving puzzles to that end. Yet besides the puzzles, the game has a very compelling narrative and no shortage of mysteries to uncover.

The game has more of a darker tone than Danganronpa, and Zero Escape has a good deal of science fiction slipped in, possibly making it even more of an interesting game to play if you are interested in those elements.

  1. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

Yuna and Tidus in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for the PSVita

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Though Final Fantasy X is almost a 15 year old game, it has been remastered and ported making it available for Vita, with updated textures and models. The gameplay remains largely unchanged, however those who have never been privy to a PlayStation 2 and have yet to try Final Fantasy X should consider giving it a shot on the Vita.

X is the entry in the main series, while X-2 is sort of an after story that takes placed sometime after the events of X. Those who enjoy a powerful story and interesting characters, with traditional JRPG elements will see why Final Fantasy X is so critically acclaimed.

  1. Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush

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Gravity Rush is an action RPG game, released for the Vita. Although it has been almost 4 years since it has first debuted, it is still a very enjoyable title that uses the interesting gravity mechanic in both exploration and combat. Gravity Rush takes place in the floating city of Hekseville, and though it’s not quite as open world as Grand Theft Auto or other series, it still has a multitude of interesting things for you to do.

Besides the interesting gameplay mechanics, the game paces your character development extremely well. As you become more powerful and unlock more abilities, not only do you become stronger in combat, but you also gain a higher degree of freedom during fights or exploration. For those looking for an interesting title on the Vita, look no further than Gravity Rush.

  1. Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden cast

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One of the most popular and highly rated JRPGs on the PlayStation 2 has come back to the PlayStation Vita. In Persona 4 Golden, you play as a student who has just recently transferred into the countryside as a high school student. When mysterious murders start to occur around town, you and your group of friends decide to take it upon themselves to root out the killer.

Persona 4 is already an excellent game with an interesting plot, diverse cast and solid RPG mechanics alongside with a Social Link system that allows you to decide who to spend time with outside of diving into dungeons. However, Persona 4 Golden makes it even better by adding a new character, an entirely extra new segment, game features and character outfits. For those who have yet to discover the Persona series, Persona 4 Golden is as good as any place to begin.

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