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13 Most Annoying Video Game Characters

The world of video games is filled with a myriad of amazing heroes and charismatic enemies, some of them even legendary, that we like to come back to any chance we get in order to relax and have a good time. However, we sometimes encounter characters that will annoy us as soon as they appear.

Whether it is because of their limited set of action, their voice or the overall character that they portray, some of them became famous specifically because of their ability to make you want to ragequit. We can argue that some of these make their respective games more interesting but most of the time we just want them gone altogether. Here is a list of our most annoying video game characters. Feel free to add your own in the comment section!

  1. Baby Mario, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

yoshi island baby mario

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Baby versions of original characters seem to be a trend in the Super Mario Universe, mostly appearing in the Yoshi series. Baby Mario’s first appearance comes from Yoshi’s Island featuring as part of a story where Yoshi has to get them to safety and protect them after the stork failed to deliver them to their parents. However, Yoshi loses the babies as soon as he’s touched by an enemy, which makes for a very long and annoying cry until you catch the baby again. It becomes old really fast, making this one of the most annoying Mario characters ever.

  1. Donald Duck, Kingdom Hearts

kingdom hearts donald duck

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The choices of allies you can get in Kingdom Hearts gets pretty big over time as you can have Aladdin, Tarzan or Peter Pan by your side in combat. However, the original tandem tagging along with the hero, Sora, is composed of Donald and Goofy, with Donald as the healer. Unfortunately Donald doesn’t do much healing as he always dies in the first couple of minutes while only having healed you at the very same moment you drink your own potion.

  1. Nova, Heroes Of The Storm

nova in heroes of the storm

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You would expect that a HotS character that is almost invisible and is able to take you down before you can even realise it would be a fun one to play as. Playing against her one-shots and stealth can be very annoying, especially when you are inexperienced.

  1. Ashley, Resident Evil 4

resident evil 4 ashley

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It could be because protecting a character is not necessarily the funniest part of a zombie game or it could be because playing as her offers little to no fun, considering her limited abilities and overall weakness. However, lots will argue that what makes Ashley annoying is the way that she runs her mouth all day and keeps putting herself in danger. If she really has to be such a useless character, at least she could do her best to tag along in silence.

  1. Claptrap,The Borderlands series

claptrap from borderlands

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Claptrap is that character that is so annoying that even the game’s characters will happily do anything they can do shut this robot down. Whether friends or foes of your own character, everybody seems to think that Claptrap is a jackass and none of them will attend his birthday party when invited. It could have something to do with the fact he feels so superior to everybody else and loves to treat people as his slave. We can add that Claptrap has a special way of always getting in trouble whilst rambling the whole time. Claptrap is arguably the most hated video game character of all time.

  1. Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII

vanille final fantasy

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Big-mouthed, quirky characters annoy me the most but when their voice is also high-pitched, badly dubbed and full of nonsense you wish you could take them down yourself. This is the case for Final Fantasy XIII’s Vanille, a childish character who wants to lift everyone’s spirit, even in the most inappropriate moments, whilst doubting her own words 99% of the time.

  1. Big the Cat, Sonic The Hedgehog

Annoying video game characters - Big The Cat from Sonic Adventure

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When people think of Sonic the Hedgehog, they think of speed. Sonic Adventure is one of my favorite Sonic games, and yet Big the Cat is the only character in the game that I can’t stand. Why? Because no one asked for a fishing minigame in Sonic Adventure and yet Sega decided to base Big the Cat’s entire storyline around it; I cannot honestly think of a single person who enjoys this terribly annoying video game character’s chapter, and yet Sonic Team continued to include him in games like Sonic Heroes (although in that one there was no fishing minigame).

  1. Tingle, The Legend of Zelda

Tingle from Zelda as one of the most annoying video game characters

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There is nothing weirder, than a tiny chubby human in a green leotard costume who is in the midst of an identity crisis and believes he is a fairy. Tingle can be explained in exactly that way, and he’s creeped gamers out for years. Nintendo tries to include him in as many Zelda games as they can, and you can tell he is coming by the red balloons he rides.

Tingle’s dialogue is practically crafted for the express purpose of annoying the player, and the mention of his name sends a disturbance through the proverbial force of Zelda fans everywhere. A lot of people said Navi was an annoying video game character but I don’t think you can really top the creepy and weirdness factor of a bizarre prancing fairy man.

  1. Slippy Toad, Star Fox

Slippy Toad from Starfox is the most annoying video game character

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The number one spot of the most annoying video game characters is for Slippy Toad. For some reason, Slippy Toad suffers from Ashley Graham Syndrome. While you aren’t escorting Slippy Toad anywhere, he seems to be incapable of keeping himself alive and always needs saving. On top of that, Slippy Toad is always providing the player with ridiculous and entirely pointless advice, leading us to wonder how he became a pilot of a fighter jet in the first place. I honestly believe that Slippy Toad’s idea of a first date would be getting captured by the enemy and asking his date to save him.

  1. The Pigs, Angry Birds

pigs angry birds

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Nothing is more painful that managing to take down as many of these green pigs as you can, screaming in victory and eagerly awaiting the next level, only realising at the very last minute that you missed one sneaky pig. Just look at them smug little ^&%#.

  1. Princess Peach, The Mario Universe

princess peach in mario

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It’s not enough that she gets to use Mario to figure out all of her problems without much recognition, she repeatedly gets kidnapped by the same guy and doesn’t really do anything about trying to better her safety.  As a character Peach is a very temperamental person that easily gets angry or teary as her attitude to her team shows in Mario Strikers Charged Football. Even when she gets her own game, her abilities turn around the fact that her emotions are all over the place! All in all she is a classic damsel in distress, albeit a bipolar one.

  1. The Dog, Duck Hunt

duck hunt dog

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What is worse than missing your targets multiple times in a video game? Having someone laugh at you all the time while you fail. Duck Hunt’ dog is one of the most famous of all hated video game characters ever. Each time you shoot and miss a duck, this dog will rise from the grass and have a good laugh while pointing at you. Fortunately, arcade players could shoot the dog in the face when they got tired of it, which wasn’t possible on the NES.

  1. Navi, Ocarina Of Time


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Probably the character that first comes to mind when we think about annoying video game characters. Her iconic «Hey! Look! Listen!» has become full-part of pop culture and is known by everybody, even those who have never played a single Zelda game. This fairy is a major symbol of the series and though she is kind of adorable in essence, we kind of wish that she could just shut up.


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