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10 Best Point and Click Games on PC

The best Point and Click video games provide great puzzles and adventures, whilst others just aren’t very good. Here is a unordered list with 10 of the best Point and Click games on PC.

  1. Tales from the Borderlands

tales from the borderlands point and click

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Tales from the Borderlands showcases an all new episodic Point and Click adventure in the Borderlands Universe after the events of Borderlands 2. Join Rhys, a man trying to become “The Next Handsome Jack” and a con artist named Fiona as they attempt to take back money they both think is theirs. In this Telltale adventure, experience the world of Pandora (and its humor) in an all new way.

  1. Dreamfall Chapters

dreamfall chapters point and click

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The follow-up to the adventure classics The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, is an episodic story-based adventure based in two worlds. Between a Cyberpunk futuristic realm, and a mystical fantasy realm, view the stories of two different characters as they try to save their realms from something called the Undreaming. This next piece of the Dreamfall Epic is sure to be fun for fans of the Dreamfall series, and new players alike.

  1. Anna’s Quest

anna's quest point and click adventure

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Anna’s Quest is a fairy-tale styled Point and Click game that puts you in the role of Anna, a girl with telekinesis who winds up on a journey with a talking teddy bear. Anna takes on witches, dragons, and all sorts of enemies with her use of her telekinesis, as well as using items in the environment to her advantage. From communing with the dead, to helping out a Unicorn; Anna’s quest is fun puzzling for any Point and Click lover who likes to think outside the box.

  1. Papers, Please

papers please point and click game

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Papers, Please is a dystopian Point and Click experience that puts you in the role of an immigration inspector for the border town of Grestin in the fictional communist country of Arstotzka. It is your job to read all the potential immigrants’ information and decide whether they can be allowed in, or if they should be detained and arrested. Papers, Please is a game filled with branching paths, multiple endings, and political intrigue that Point and Click fans will not want to miss.

  1. Sherlock Holmes – Crimes and Punishments

sherlock holmes point and click

Buy Sherlock Holmes Crime and Punishments

Join Sherlock Holmes as he tries to solve cases using his intellect, and by good old fashioned sleuthing. Play as Sherlock as he interviews witnesses and loved ones, searches for evidence, and interrogates suspects, all with the goal of finding answers. The ending changes depending on how YOU perceive the evidence, so be sure you find everything before you make your final accusations.

  1. Broken Age

broken age point and click

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Broken Age is a Point and Click adventure by Double Fine games, which puts players in the role of two teenagers on different worlds, who are trying to free themselves from their own circumstances with the goal of taking control of their lives. With an all star cast including Elijah Wood, Jack Black, and Jennifer Hale, Broken Age is a masterpiece and one of the best Point and Click games out there, period. There are puzzles to solve, lives to change, and secrets to uncover in the depths of Broken Age.

  1. That Dragon, Cancer

that dragon cancer point and click

That Dragon, Cancer

That Dragon, Cancer is an emotional narrative about a boy’s fight against cancer at the age of four. With Imaginative gameplay that explores things such as faith, grief, love, and hope, That Dragon, Cancer tries to portray a struggle with cancer in a realistic light. Despite the bleak subject matter, there is plenty to enjoy, as the game’s environments are beautiful and poetic, with a plot that will touch even those who haven’t been affected by cancer in some way.

  1. Deponia: The Complete Journey

deponia point and click

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Enjoy the complete journey of Deponia, which contains the entire Deponia trilogy, and offers a humorous plotline based around a man named Rufus, who is trying to leave his junk filled planet behind. With tons of puzzles to solve, humorous dialogue, and colorful characters to meet, Deponia: The Complete Journey is the best way to enjoy the award winning Deponia series.

  1. Read Only Memories

read only memories point and click

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Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk Point and Click adventure set in Neo San Francisco in the year 2064. You are a journalist who meets the world’s first Sapient (conscious) robot, and must find out what has happened to its creator. This mystery requires you to interact with a wide array of characters (some of which are LGBT oriented) while you search the city for clues as to what has happened. This BAFTA nominated game is a new breed of Point and Click adventure, including character types that are rarely represented in the gaming industry.

  1. Grim Fandango Remastered

grim fandango point and click

Buy Grim Fandango Remastered

Manny Calavera is a Travel Agent at the Department of Death, who is drawn into a conspiracy that could threaten his very passage into the afterlife. This remastered version of the classic Grim Fandango game includes hi res artwork and textures, new recorded audio of the classic soundtrack, and new dynamic lighting. Dive back into Grim Fandango with this new remastered version and enjoy the Point and Click puzzles as you wander through the life and death of Manny Calavera.

From classic Point and Click to episodic adventure games, there is something for everyone in this growing game genre. Whilst there are undoubtedly several other great games to be added, these are the 10 that stood head above the crowd for us.

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