7 Injustice 2 Characters That We Want to See in the Roster
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7 Injustice 2 Characters That We Want to See in the Roster

  1. Darkseid 

darkseid comic imageArguably Superman’s greatest enemy, Darkseid has also appeared in the Injustice comics, hiring the bounty hunter Lobo, who appears as a DLC character for the video game. Darkseid is one of the DC universe’s most powerful characters. He’s immortal, super strong, super fast, and he can fire omega beams from his eyes and hands which can completely erase someone from existence, or resurrect them, depending on whether or not he feels like being a massive pr*ck.

  1. Cheetah 

cheetahOne of Wonder Woman’s foes (in the New 52 comics), Cheetah (Barbara Ann Minerva) was an archaeologist turned hunter when the Goddess of the Hunt possessed her body, turning her into a humanoid cheetah warrior with super-strength, speed, and senses. Not at all what you’d expect from a human/animal hybrid of any kind, Cheetah can take on anyone in the Justice League. She is possessed by a goddess after all. She’d definitely be a fun character to play with. Sure you might argue that they already had/have Catwoman, but she’s just a human. Cheetah is basically a deity in human form. Also, wouldn’t you rather a ferocious feline shredding your opponent rather than a mortal woman in a cat costume trying to seduce them as part of their super move?

  1. Firestorm 

firestorm punchingWhere to begin with this unique superhero? If you follow the New 52 comics, Firestorm is actually two people, Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch. The former being the strong jock type, while the latter is the brainier one of the pair. Their powers as Firestorm include controlling atomic and sub-atomic structures in both organic and inorganic material, meaning he can regenerate limbs, shapeshift, or create new objects with his mind, similarly to Green Lantern, except for his creations will remain unless he wills it away. Those abilities would make for some epic battles in a video game.

As with any comic book publisher, there are plenty of other characters, both heroes and villains, in the DC universe, most of which could be interesting if included in the roster for the Injustice sequel. For now however, aside from just hoping for your favourite character to show up, you’ll just have to wait for NetherRealm Studios to reveal their roster.

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