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7 Best Tower Defense Games

  1. Orcs Must Die 2

character shooting orcs third person in orcs must die

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Developer Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die 2 is another superb mashup tower defense game for the PC that combines third person action gameplay with classic strategic tower defense. Rather than just sitting back and watching the events unfold, players can take direct control of their avatar and can engage directly with the enemy. With each new stage completed, players are granted a special weapon in the form of either a magical trap to slow creeps or upgraded weaponry to tackle the enemy head on. Indeed, the Tower Defense game’s most pleasing attribute is the way it balances this direct combat with the tactical deployment of magic traps. The variety of different weapons, spells and traps available is also impressively deep, allowing players to experiment with different strategies to turn maps into effective killing fields.

Orcs Must Die requires players to plan ahead, strategize and choose wisely as which of the various upgrade points they opt for at the close of each level. Expect your micro management skills to be put to good use as well as your ability to multi-task combat and effective placement of traps. Orcs Must Die 2 is an incredibly robust and inventive take on the tower defense genre. With tight controls, an array of upgrades and customization options, the gameplay has a fun factor that’s hard to put down. If you’re after a hybrid of strategy and action, then Orcs Must Die 2 is among the best Tower Defense games is argued to be the most inventive in the genre.

  1. Kingdom Rush

screenshot of kingdom rush level

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We simply couldn’t write a list of the best tower defense games without including Kingdom Rush. An instant classic, Kingdom Rush is quite simply one of the very best gaming experiences on mobile devices, let alone the tower defense genre. Perfectly balanced, Kingdom Rush is a mix of traditional turret defense games with a mechanic that allows players to actively defend lanes with their own footmen.

Kingdom Rush looks and sounds fantastic with its detailed a stylish aesthetic that is somewhere between high fantasy and whimsical cartoon. The games score, voice acting and sound effects are also top notch, but its Kingdom Rush’s gameplay that really makes it a genre defining title.

Kingdom Rush actually only features four different base tower types, though they can be upgraded and further customized to a surprising amount of different in tower combinations. It is, however, the games barracks system that adds flair to gameplay. Players are able to build barracks that send footmen onto the field to battle waves of enemy creeps. Stacking barracks and towers together produces the best effects, and choosing where to locate them in the heat of battle is hugely fun. Players of any ability will have a terrific time with Kingdom Rush, it’s a superb introduction to the genre while providing a stiff enough challenge to veteran gamers as well.

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