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PlayStation E3 2016 Predictions

It’s that time of year again! E3 2016 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to stick your neck out and make some PlayStation E3 2016 predictions for this conference.

Sony had a killer conference in 2013, and 2015 was certainly memorable, so their track record dictates that we’ll be in for a pleasant E3-experience in the coming days. Please Shuhei, don’t let us down.

The following few predictions are based on common sense and industry analysis as much as possible – though my heart may have ruled my head at some points. And isn’t that the point of E3? To expect greatness? The stage is certainly set for Sony to deliver.

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 E3 predictions

Sony has a rather friendly, lengthy relationship with Rockstar Games, the minds behind Red Dead Redemption. Released in 2010, the first Red Dead Redemption was universally adored and a Red Dead Redemption sequel has been on the cards for years.

Recently, Red Dead Redemption gained traction, with the game’s full singleplayer map being leaked online. A Red Dead Redemption sequel is definitely coming, that much we know – so why not reveal it on the biggest stage of all? Plus, Rockstar has had 6 years to develop Red Dead Redemption 2 – at the very least, it’ll be in a pre-alpha state. A gameplay reveal and 2016 release date isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

  1. Sucker Punch And Sony Bend

Sucker Punch developer logo

The age old question of ‘what the hell are all of Sony’s first-party studios up to?’ has not yet been fully answered. We know what the folks at Media Molecule building, we know what Polyphony are doing – but what about Sucker Punch and Sony Bend?

Bend’s last game was the superb Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the PS Vita – all the way back in 2011. As for Sucker Punch, they helped the PS4 reach the gargantuan sales figures it’s at today with their console exclusive InFamous: Second Son in 2014. They also developed the standalone DLC pack for InFamous: Second Son, First Light, in the same year.

This means both studios have a combined total of seven years spare development time, during which we haven’t heard so much as a peep. With Uncharted 4 having launched last month and Horizon: Zero Dawn being delayed to 2017, Sony needs another killer first-party exclusive for the end of this year. It’s a sure bet that one of these studios will deliver it.

  1. Naughty Dog: The Last Of Us 2 & Uncharted 4 Singleplayer DLC

The Last of Us 2

Everyone who’s been making PlayStation E3 predictions for the past few years has made this one. Ever since The Last of Us launched in 2013, The Last Of Us has suffered from ‘where’s the sequel?’ syndrome, and it continues to this day.

But this time, we have grounds. Anyone who beat Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is aware of that easter egg, and it’s not the first time Naughty Dog have pulled a stunt like this. In Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception in 2011, they left a small teaser for a game that was revealed, months later, to be The Last Of Us.

This is the least likely Naughty Dog prediction on this list, however, and a much safer bet is the appearance of Uncharted 4’s singleplayer DLC. Naughty Dog have been making a big deal out of this since it was revealed – it’s been touted as a ‘series first’ and ‘inspired by The Last Of Us’s success.’

With the launch of Uncharted 4 being so successful, it makes sense that Sony would want to keep the train going. At the very least, expect a logo or name reveal for this one – and possibly an early 2017 release window.

  1. Crash Bandicoot Returns

Are we expecting a new Crash Bandicoot game?

If the trending hashtag #BringCrashBack is any indication, fans really want to see a new Crash Bandicoot. It’s been on lists of PlayStation E3 predictions since the bandicoot mascot defected to Activision, but sadly, he has not yet returned to his true home.

The name of that home? Sony. PlayStation. Crash defined the awesome 3D mascot platformer generation, and the PS1 arguably has him to thank for its success. Hopefully, 2016 is the year where things change – and for the first time in ages, we aren’t without evidence to back up our dreams.

Firstly, we have Uncharted 4 to thank. Again. Anyone who played Uncharted 4 is aware there’s a rather large hint toward a possible Crash Bandicoot resurrection, even if that’s how it’s not meant to be interpreted. Also, last year at PSX, PlayStation head honcho Shawn Layden sported a Crash Bandicoot t-shirt, sparking rumours of a possible PS4 revival.

Whatever the case now is the time Crash Bandicoot fans! Fingers and hairy, orange bandicoot toes crossed.

  1. PlayStation Neo Officially Unveiled, Launches November 2016

PlayStation NEO E3 2016 predictions

PlayStation Neo rumours started spreading like wildfire earlier this year, and that fire points in one direction; E3. It just makes sense – rumblings of a brand new console, mere months before the biggest gaming show on the planet? Worst kept secret much.

But, not only will the console be officially unveiled, but it’ll be given a November 2016 release date, along with… wait for it… a Watch Dogs 2 bundle. Yes, Sony’s love for the original Watch Dogs will extend to the Watch Dogs sequel and what better way to launch your game than alongside the new iteration of the best-selling console in recent memory?

And that’s it for our PlayStation E3 2016 predictions! By all means, come back to this article and lambast me if my efforts prove fruitless – I’m sorry to disappoint you, oh mighty gaming community.

If I had to make a few general gaming-guesses, I’d place my money on the recently leaked Skyrim Remaster, the next mainline Resident Evil game, and a lot more information on the just-announced Watch Dogs 2.

As always, you can keep your browser locked to IGCritic for all your E3 tidbits over the coming days, and who knows – my prophetic predictions may even come true! Got any PlayStation E3 2016 predictions yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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