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10 Best LittleBigPlanet Levels You Have To Play

There have been well over 8 million stages created in Sony’s juggernaut platforming franchise, but to find the best LittleBigPlanet levels, you have to dig deep. So deep, that you get taken on a strange, quirky ride into the unknown and back again. Well, it’s not quite that sinister, but you get the point.

The LittleBigPlanet community has created some weird stuff over the years, and if you’re looking for level ideas, you’ve no shortage of inspiration.

So, the next time you boot up your PS3, PS4 or (god forbid) PS Vita, to which LittleBigPlanet user-created levels should you gravitate? Excellent question. In order to help you choose between the millions and millions of options you have available, IGCritic has helpfully scoured the gamer-sphere to bring you our 10 best LittleBigPlanet levels you simply have to play.

  1. Dance With Cats

littlebigplanet level with cats in background

Jeez, I wonder what this level entails? Probably cats. And dancing. And weird, hypnotic music that slowly seeps through your ears and takes over your brain… it’s a small wonder I can sleep at night, sometimes. Dance With Cats is an enjoyable platform adventure, but it’s the theme that makes this one special. Cat lovers rejoice, but if you’ve ever suspected that your feline friend is harboring a desire to murder you swiftly, then this user created level will only reaffirm those fears.

  1. Pirate RPG

pirates standing on beach with palmtrees in littlebigplanet

As LittleBigPlanet level ideas go, combining pirates and an RPG wasn’t half bad. Pirate RPG allows you to sail the mighty seas, explore pirate shanty towns and search for hidden treasure. Not bad for an afternoon in front of your PS4.

  1. Little Big Computer

character playing with computer panels

This is living proof that the best LittleBigPlanet levels restricted to pure platforming gameplay. More a concept than an actual level, Little Big Computer is a fully working electronic calculator. The first one was built way back in 2008, but has since been iterated on many times.

  1. Titanic Survival

littlebigplanet on titanic trying to survice its sinking

Yes, this exists. Rather than lamenting that fact, let’s embrace it! Up to 4 of your buddies will begin on a deteriorating ship of dreams, before it begins to crumble and the real fun begins. It makes for some hilarious moments as the Titanic ship flips over and propels you into the water, and it’s actually quite challenging to endure. A worthy contender for the top user created level.

  1. Five Nights At Freddy’s

animatronic sitting behind pc in five nights at freddys

Five Nights At Freddy’s took the video game world by storm when it launched a few years back, so it was no surprise to see it pop up in LittleBigPlanet. What was a surprise, however, was how well it worked. It made the cartoony nature of sackboy feel scary and threatening, which is no small feat. You could even play with a friend, which made the scares all the more enjoyable and propelled this onto our list of LittleBigPlanet levels list.

  1. Dinosaur City

dinosaur city signs in front of theatre

Dinosaurs. In a city. Not since Jurassic Park 2 let us down so enormously has the prospect of urban dinos been so appealing. Dinosaur city has it all, from velociraptors to a gigantic T-Rex to a water… lizard thingy. It’s one of the more creative level ideas out there, pairing the fantastical with the mundane, and it absolutely works.

  1. Star Wars: The Dark Side Reborn

star wars explosion in littlebigplanet

Is there anything better than Star Wars? Well, I suppose there’s pizza, and strip clubs. While it’s unlikely you’ll find the latter in any LittleBigPlanet levels (though I haven’t checked) Star Wars is abundant, and is at its best here. Complete with an opening crawl, space battles and a faithfully recreated theme tune, Star Wars: The Dark Side Reborn is as close as you’ll get to a Star Wars platformer.

  1. Little Dead Space

reactor in dead space littlebigplanet

A fine example of the ability of the LittleBigPlanet toolset, Little Dead Space is one of the best LBP levels of all time. It’s a faithful recreation of the horror series, complete with the glum atmosphere and plentiful scares you’d expect.

  1. Plants vs. Zombots

gameplay of plants vs zombies in littlebigplanet

I’m sensing a pattern here. Aren’t all these levels just knock-offs of other franchise’s? You’d be sort of right if you thought that, but does that make any bad? Hell no. Plants vs. Zombots continues that trend too. It’s as though the original PVZ was lifted directly into LittleBigPlanet 2, and it even comes with theme music. All the features of Plants vs. Zombies, like collecting sun and deploying peashooters, are designed to perfection, and this is easy to play even if you’ve never touched the original.

  1. Mini Golf (1-4 Players)

playing mini golf in littlebig planet

Is it any surprise that the best community level in a video game that allows you to create anything… is golf? Well, yes it is actually, but that doesn’t stop this one from being super fun. As the name implies, up to 4 sack-buddies can partake in all the ball-whacking antics, and it’s incredibly enjoyable with friends. Those close shots, those hole in one’s, it’s all here and it’s well-designed.

LittleBigPlanet is truly an astounding platform for creators, but that doesn’t mean those of us who simply want to play are left out. Far from it! We get to enjoy the fruits of the LBP community over and over again – and these 10 LittleBigPlanet levels are some tasty fruits indeed. If platforming is your thing, you may agree with our list of the best 3D platforming features – LittleBigPlanet has them in spades.

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