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6 Best Free to Play MMO Games on PC

While at a glance it may seem as though the best MMO video games cost more than just the moths fluttering about the inside of your wallet, you just have to look a little harder to find those free to play PC games.

There are more than just a handful of MMO titles you can enjoy for free and they’re just as epic, immersive, and engaging as the best pay to play MMOs. Here are 6 of (arguably) the best free to play MMO games available for your PC.

  1. Tera

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In the category of fantastical worlds, Tera— a third-person fantasy MMO created by Korean developer, Bluehole Studio, offers rich battlefield after rich battlefield where you must actively dodge and strike to claim victory over your many opponents, each one of a different race. A lot of emphasis has been placed on diversity here as you begin, able to choose from seven different races and eleven different classes. Each one has their unique advantage but that doesn’t mean mastery over it will equate to total domination of the game. You’ll fight other real players while you complete your quests, which means non-stop action and thrills.

  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic

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When this particular Star Wars MMO game was first announced, there was notable excitement coming from fans of the old Knight of the Old Republic games of 2003 and 2004. It turned out however that the game was not a sequel per say, but a MMORPG that required a monthly subscription. After a lot of backlash and a loss of subscribers, due to long queue times and costs, the game adopted a free to play business model and offered up a whole lot of patches to make it up to us. It was a fairly entertaining MMO initially, now it’s more than worth everything you didn’t spend on it.

Set 4000 years before the events of the Star Wars film saga, Star Wars: The Old Republic allows you to create your own character and join one of two factions: The Galactic Republic, and the Sith Empire, though that doesn’t mean you can’t be the most evil Republic fighter ever seen or the most benevolent Sith lord to emerge from the dark side. Your every action or inaction will raise or lower the bar on your light/dark spectrum and decisions you make will have permanent effects on your story and the NPCs around you. Despite the occasional graphical anomaly or bug here and there, the game offers a beautiful, cinematic experience to sate that dark side lust, or enforce that light side drive. There is something exciting to see on every world, and there are quite a few of them, including Hoth, Alderaan, Tatooine, Coruscant, and a dozen more. That’s not including the planets offered in some of the expansions.

  1. Tree of Saviour

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If you need something to be excited for, take a look at the recently released free to play MMO, Tree of Saviour, the spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online, the Korean adventure set in a fantastical fairytale-like world offers hundreds of monsters to slay from a top-down perspective, all based on Lithuanian mythology. Graphically and musically, it’s a beautiful game, to say the least. Players choose from one of four classes—Archer, Cleric, Swordsman, or Wizard. Level up and improve by looting gear from dungeons, or earn experience for your character on the battlefield or in the arena, both against masses of other players, meaning no area in the world lacks excitement. You’ll have to fight hard and work alongside teammates in order to survive.

For almost a year, those who have been engaging in the MMOs beta game have praised everything in it, from the immersive environments to the intricate craft system. The point and click adventure by IMC Games is bound to have you fall in love with it just as quickly as you did Ragnarok Online.

  1. Neverwinter

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Not wholly related to the Neverwinter Nights series of 2002-2006 (or that of 1991, if you’re old enough to remember), Neverwinter is a standalone game featuring the eponymous cosmopolitan city of Neverwinter, named after the river which flows through the ‘Jewel of the North’, on the continent of Faerun. Whatever you may remember about the city from the previous games will not aid you here, as Neverwinter is set in a different time, when the Lord of Neverwinter mysteriously vanishes and the city is crippled by the spellplague and the attack of a primordial fire elemental. The citizens can take it no more and begin to form different factions, battling for control over their once beloved city.

The D&D style game has received praise for its large-scale quests, endless pvp battles, and the abundance of user-generated content— content such as maps that may or may not be based on the world of Neverwinter, in case you somehow tire of the promising characters and intrigue of the main story.

  1. Age of Wulin

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Also boasting a rich world inspired by eastern culture, is Age of Wulin, by Chinese developer, Suzhou Snail Electronic Co Ltd, offers gameplay focused on the martial arts and the mythological lore of medieval China.

You create a character and join one of eight factions, each one offering a unique skill or ability. It’s a detailed system and plays well into your character’s heroic or villainous tale as you travel across beautiful landscapes, capturing the elegance of ancient Chinese culture. There is no better place to fight using a mix of superhuman abilities and martial arts.

  1. Marvel Heroes

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When praising the free to play MMO, Marvel Heroes, it’s important that we first distinguish the 2015 re-launch from the disappointment it was built from back in 2013. The MMO boasts a wide selection of characters (55 as of February 2016) for both comic-book fans, and people who just want a reason to spend a ridiculous amount of time choosing who they want to play as, because you will have access to all characters from the beginning, until about level 10. Each character possesses three skill trees in which you may allocate the points you earn through combat, so you’re guaranteed to spend a lot of time trying to level up all 55 characters by fighting in a wide variety of exciting locations taken straight out of the comic-books, such as, the X-mansion, the Helicarrier, Asgard, and Manhattan (maybe not as exciting as Asgard but…). You’ll visit all of the aforementioned locations during the expansive story which includes half the marvel universe’s villains with all the fun, exciting, impossible plotlines of a comic book.

And there you have it, just a few MMO games that you can download and play for free. Each one is a magnificent adventure and costs little to none of your hard earned money to play.

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