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Top 15 Overwatch Cosplays You Need To See

Overwatch hasn’t been out for too long yet we’ve already seen fans take it to the next level with their Overwatch cosplay. Check out 15 of the best Overwatch cosplays done by fans and professionals around the globe.

  1. Widowmaker by Reilena Cosplay / Rachel Day

Widowmaker Cosplay by Reilena Cosplay / Rachel Day

Another Widowmaker cosplay that did an amazing job with the character, she’s definitely one of the more popular characters for Overwatch cosplay, and it’s great to see another one pulled off so well. You can find more of Reilena Cosplay here.

  1. Mei by ConJurer CJ

Best Overwatch Cosplay of Mei by ConJurer CJ

ConJurer CJ did a great job with her Mei Overwatch cosplay. We haven’t come across many people cosplaying Mei but we are pretty sure that ConJurer CJ is wishing for a working ice gun with that fuzzy costume. You can check out ConJurer CJ here.

  1. McCree by Squiby

Best Overwatch cosplay of McCree by Squiby

Ah McCree, our favourite gunslinger of Overwatch. This is one of the very few McCree’s I’ve seen and he did a pretty bang on job with it too. Here’s hoping for even more of them in the future. Check out Squiby here.

  1. Mercy by Chrix Design

Mercy cosplay by Chrix Design

I’m not sure I want to know how long it took her to put this together, let’s not even think about getting those wings right. This cosplay definitely brings Mercy to life. you can see the full building process of this outstanding Mercy cosplay here.

  1. Mercy by Elle Cosplay

Mercy Overwatch cosplay by Elle Cosplay

Another great take on the Mercy character with this Overwatch cosplay, I still don’t want to imagine how much trouble the wings could have been with this one. You can follow Elle Cosplay on instagram here.

  1. Zarya by Jechts

Zarya male Overwatch cosplay by Jechts

Zarya has been a popular character since her announcement, and it’s interesting to see a great take on a male version with this Overwatch cosplay. Jechts’ male Zarya cosplay was spread across the internet and claimed to be the best Overwatch cosplay many had seen since its release. Check him out here.

  1. D. Va by Vampy Bit Me

D.Va Overwatch cosplay by Vampy Bit Me

We all love D.Va and because of that we are seeing a high swarm of some of the best Overwatch cosplays. This D.Va cosplay by Vampy Bit Me definitely got the look nailed. Imagine the nightmare of cosplaying with the full mech. Give it time. Check out more by Vampy Bit Me here (some might be slightly NFSW).

  1. Symmetra by Kamui Cosplay

Symmetra Overwatch cosplay by Kamui Cosplay

Another one with great details, especially on the armoured gear and gun. Symmetra is another one I haven’t seen many of, but this one really got it right. If you want to build this cosplay for yourself or want to check out more pictures you can do so here.

  1. Zenyatta by Shellshocked Cosplay

Zenyatta Overwatch cosplay by Shellshocked Cosplay

Walking around in a fully enclosed robot cosplay can’t be easy to make, Zenyatta doesn’t make this easier either with his interesting design. This Zenyatta cosplay possibly the best Overwatch cosplays of Zenyatta that we came across (and also one of the few) but Shellshocked nailed it! Check out Shellshocked Cosplay here.

  1. Hanzo by Unknown

Hanzo Overwatch Cosplay

RYUU GA WAGA TEKI WO KURAU! This unknown cosplayer must have been preparing his ultimate while this photo was taken. You have to appreciate the work he did on Hanzo’s tattoos is this one, from the outfit to the bow, this guy really did an outstanding Overwatch cosplay of Hanzo.

  1. Mercy by Tasha

Mercy Overwatch cosplay by Tasha

Mercy is a definitely a fan favorite. Professional cosplayer Tasha’s Mercy cosplay is one of the best Overwatch cosplays we have seen. Tasha is part of a Korean cosplay team called Spiral Cats. You can check out the Spiral Cats here, and Tasha right here.

  1. Soldier 76 by corruptcosplay

Soldier 76 Overwatch cosplay by corruptcosplay

From the hair to the gun, all the details in this Soldier 76 Overwatch cosplay were really carefully put together. I haven’t seen too many Soldier 76’s out there, so kudos to this guy for nailing the character. Check out his Instagram here.

  1. Widowmaker by Karin Olava

Overwatch Widowmaker cosplay by Karin Olava

Of all the Widowmakers I’ve seen this has to be the most accurate one out there, not to mention the all the little touches on display to bring the character to life. To see another image of this awesome Overwatch Widowmaker cosplay check out the full album here.

  1. Reaper by Blood-Raven

Female Reaper cosplay by reddit user Blood-Raven

I can only imagine how long it took to make some of the pieces for the female Reaper cosplay, the amount of parts alone is impressive, to say the least. The effort and all the details put into this Overwatch cosplay make this one of the best Overwatch cosplays all time. Check out here full album here.

  1. Tracer by Tasha

Tracer Cosplay by Tasha

This has to be the best Overwatch cosplay we’ve seen so far. I’ve seen some pretty spot on Overwatch cosplays before but few have nailed it quite as much as Tasha with her amazing Tracer cosplay. Check out the full album here.

Which one did you think was the best Overwatch cosplay on the list? We will keep an eye out for more of the best Overwatch cosplays and keep the list up to date.

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