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Neko Atsume Rare Cats Guide – Collect All Cats!

All cats in Neko Atsume are special to a certain degree, but in our Neko Atsume rare cats guide we will be showing you how to find all of the insanely adorable rare cats.

Read our Neko Atsume rare cats guide on all the rare cats in Neko Atsume, how to get them and what to look out for when collecting these rare cats!

Joe DiMeowgio

Joe Dimeowgio - Neko Atsume Rare cats guide

Joe DiMeowgio is a baseball playing rare cats who will arrive when you have a baseball in your yard, regardless of food. Joe DiMeowgio is a super cute kitty that has a power level of 28 and wears an outfit based on that of the Hanshin Tigers. Joe DiMeowgio’s memento is a signed baseball.

Xerxes IX

Rare cat Xerxes IX in Neko Atsume

Definitely the most regal amongst the rare cats, Xerxes IX is a Persian cat who arrives in your yard wearing a fancy shawl and basically judges everyone. To get Xerxes IX to visit, put a high-quality cushion such as the Royal bed or Zanzibar Cushion out and he should arrive. Weirdly, Xerxes IX has no food preferences and his memento is Pretty Stones. Xerxes IX’s power level is 70, and unsurprisingly his personality is Regal. Bow down!

Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow in Neko Atsume

Chairman Meow appears to be playing a game of ‘army men’ with his pot helmet, ladle and camouflage fur pattern. Chairman Meow will visit when you have the Earthenware Pot, but also will visit the Sunken Fireplace (even if other cats are using it). Chairman Meow leaves a dog tag behind as his memento, and his power level is 111.

Ms. Fortune

Ms. Fortune the rare cat in Neko Atsume

Living up to her namesake, Ms. Fortune resembles a Japanese ‘lucky cat’. Ms. Fortune will require a fancy cardboard house before she visits, but she can leave more fish than any other cat so it’s definitely worth it! Once the fancy cardboard house is up, Ms. Fortune will eat anything. She has a power level of 20, and will leave an Oval Coin behind as a thank you.

Bob the Cat

Neko Atsume's Bob the Cat

This cute rare cat will arrive when you have the Cat Metropolis. Bob the Cat’s appearance is based on a bobcat, hence the name. Bob the Cat will leave you an Antique Compass and his power level is 40.

Conductor Whiskers

Rare neko atsume cats guide - Conductor Whiskers

Possibly the most adorable name out of all the cats in Neko Atsume, Conductor Whiskers just wants to play with trains. She will arrive when you have the Twisty Rail or Cardboard Choo Choo set up, and possesses a vigilant personality. Conductor Whiskers will leave you a Hand-Written Ticket as a memento, although we are not quite sure how she wrote that with paws. She will eat anything, and her power level is 50.


Tubbs Neko Atsume

Tubbs isn’t fussy, he knows what he wants and that is FOOD. He will appear to eat the food in the bowl and you will find him sprawled out on the floor in front of it. If you have an expanded yard, Tubbs will not go inside the house to eat, but will be happy to go in if you have a Giant Cushion. Tubbs is a Finicky Feaster with a power level of 130 and Tubbs’ memento is Fish Jerky.

Tip: Do not refill the food when Tubbs has finished eating, if he leaves on his own he will leave you more fish!

Mr. Meowgi

Mr Meowgi the Neko

This serious trainer will arrive in your yard when you have either a Scratching Log or Sakura Pillow. Mr. Meowgi does not care what he eats as he prefers to focus on his training. Mr. Meowgi has a mentoring personality, and a power level of 250. Mr. Meowgi will leave an Odd Wooden Charm as a memento.

Lady Meow-Meow

Lady Meow-Meow Neko Atsume

Lady Meow-Meow is a diva kitty with expensive taste. She will only visit when you have the Luxurious Hammock, and will eat anything except Thrifty Bits. She has a power level of 100 and leaves you some Novelty Sunglasses when she jets off.

Guy Furry

Guy Furry rare cat

Guy Furry will come to your yard when you have the stove or glass flower vase are out. This rare cat will eat anything for the Glass Vase, but if he is there for the Space Heater he will not eat thrifty bits. Guy Furry’s power level is 30, and he will leave you a Custom Rolling as a memento.

Ramses the Great

Ramses the Great rare cat in Neko Atsume

Sphynx cat Ramses the Great will arrive when you have the Pyramid Tent. He possesses a power level of 230, a Riddler Personality and will leave you an Elegant Staff as a memento. Ramses will eat anything except Sashimi.

Sassy Fran

Sassy Fran in her Cafe

Neko Atsume’s cat Sassy Fran is a waitress cat who will visit when you have the cardboard café and any food except Thrifty Bits. Sassy Fran has an enthusiastic personality and will leave you a Coffee Cup. She has a power level of 180 and is super happy to be of service!

Billy the Kitten

Rare cats guide: Billy the Kitten from Neko Atsume

Billy the Kitten will visit when you have a Cowboy Hat and is not fussy with food. Billy the Kitten possesses a power level of 250 which is the highest of all the cats alongside Mr. Meowgi. He will leave you a Lucky Coin, and he has a nihilistic personality.


Rare cat Frosty from Neko Atsume

Frosty, like most of us, just seeks comfort. She will arrive when you have one of many beds, and will snuggle up instantly. She has a coat which she wears outside and has a sensitive personality. Frosty has the lowest power level of all the rare cats in Neko Atsume, standing at only 5. Frosty leaves a Thaw Proof Snowman when she goes.


Sapphire and Jeeves pair from Neko Atsume

Sapphire is a classic kitty in Neko Atsume with a penchant for the finer things like your Tower of Treats or Fairy Tale Parasol. Sapphire arrives with her valet Jeeves, making them the only rare cats in Neko Atsume that appear as a pair. Sapphire has a naïve nature and fairly low power level of 20. She eats anything except Thrifty Bits, and leaves you 3 Gold Fish upon leaving. Her memento is a Poetry Book. How thoughtful!


Sapphire and Jeeves pair from Neko Atsume

Jeeves is Sapphire’s Valet with a Nimble personality. Jeeves arrives with Sapphire when the Tower of Treats or Fairy Tale Parasol is in the yard, and eats the same way (anything but Thrifty Bits). Jeeves has a high power level of 210, and will his memento is a Silver Power Watch.


Neko Atsume rare cats guide: Kathmandu

Kathmandu will arrive once you have the Temari Ball or Lacquered Bowl. He has a power level of 150 and a refined personality. Kathmandu will eat any food except Thrifty Bits, and will also not eat Frisky Bits if the Lacquered Bowl is out. Kathmandu also visits the Lacquered Bowl regardless of if it is in use by another cat or not. His memento is a Fine Quality Writing Brush.

Senor Don Gato

Neko Atsume - Rare cats guide: Senor Don Gato

Reminiscent of Puss in Boots, Senor Don Gato will arrive once you have Mister Mouse. Senor Don Gato has a scheming personality behind his fancy moustache. He will eat anything, and has a power level of 30. His memento is a Feathered Hat.

Saint Purrtrick

Saint Purrtrick

Saint Purrtrick arrives in your yard searching for cosiness in the form of the Kotatsu and Silk Crepe Pillow. Saint Purrtrick has an awe-inspiring personality and a high power level of 222. He will eat anything, and his memento is a Mysterious Stone.

Now that we’ve schooled you with our Neko Atsume rare cats guide, go and see how many you can find! Happy searching and go collect all those cute rare cats in Neko Atsume!! If you want to keep reading, check out some of our other guides here.

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