all legion weapons

Come Legion, you’ll be swinging them at, driving them through, and burning to a heap of ash by means of scorching hot fireballs your enemies with them. But what do you know so far about these lethal WoW Legion Artifact Weapons?

Let’s take a brief run-down of each and every WoW Legion artifact weapon, shall we? With a total of 36 artifact weapons in World of Warcraft’s expansion, Legion – one for every specialization – there is no shortage of talking points. So go ahead and get acquainted with your upcoming artifact weapons of brutal slaughter.



BLOOD – Maw of the Damned

Blood Maw of the Damned artifact weapon

Conventionally, front-line protectors bear sturdy shields, making walking fortresses of themselves. Death Knights are anything but conventional. Their defense stems from a slew of self-healing spells, freeing up both hands for a sundering offense. The Maw of the Damned artifact weapon compliments this Blood spec playstyle perfectly. Because there’s no more apt way to aggro than crashing a massive axe into the boss’s cranium.

FROST – Blades of the Fallen Prince (Icebringer and Frostreaper)

Icebringer and Frostreaper - Blades of the Fallen Prince

Long has it been an Azerothian’s desire to put the Frostmourne to use with their own two hands. The WoW Legion artifact weapons Icebringer and Frostreaper are the twin blades of the Fallen Prince turn that fantasy into deadly reality. Dual blades crafted with the reforged remnants of Warcraft’s most iconic armament. Re-purposed and turned against their original craftsmen, the Burning Legion. Vengeance has never been quite so fitting or sweet.

UNHOLY – Apocalypse

Apocalypse Death Knight Legion Artifact Weapon

The Unholy specialization, infamous for its awful affinity for plague and pestilence, will wield the Apocalypse with dreadful might. And if the name (Apocalypse) isn’t enough to sell you on it, the fact that it’s a behemoth of a blade, forged by Vampiric Demons and dancing with destructive magic probably should.