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10 Rarest Mounts in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is bustling with imaginative, special mounts, but what truly makes for the rarest mount in World of Warcraft?

The rarest WoW mounts are often entirely out of reach of the average player. These mounts, not surprisingly, have the lowest drop rate, only dropping on the highest dungeon difficulty, or obtained from a boss that rarely spawns at all. Whilst some of the rarest WoW mounts can only be looted by a select few, other rare mounts could only be obtained once, either in-game or out… Some players will go to extreme lengths to attain these rare World of Warcraft mounts, others will simply resort to buying the mount on eBay. Whatever it takes.

These are 10 of the rarest mounts in World of Warcraft that you’ll find scattered throughout the fantasy world of Azeroth!

  1. Invincible

invincible a flying dark horse mount

Type: Ground/ Flight
Max Speed: +100% / +310%

Invincible is a a mount drop garnered through the good old-fashioned method of besting a raid boss and wrenching it from his cold, lifeless body. The boss in question being arguably the most notorious ever to threaten the World of Warcraft. The Lich King himself. You will need to beat him in the 25-man Heroic mode to stand a chance to loot this badboy so it’s no surprise that such a humble number of players have actually managed to ear this mount; they can’t really be blamed for not wanting to toil with the Lord of Undeath. But if they, for some bizarre reason do, they’re awarded with a twisted, malefic re-imagining of a Pegasus, rare horse mount named Invincible. That has a touching Lore backstory, to boot.

  1. Ashhide Mushan Beast

Ashhide Mushan Beast on hill

Type: Ground
Max Speed: +100%

Bloody Coins. Just getting one or two is bad enough, considering you have to harvest them from the corpses of your fellow players – and they won’t relinquish them easily. But if you manage to accrue a dizzying 500 of them, you can buy your way into the select, elite few that stride Azeroth on an Ashide Mushan Beast. And it’s well worth the effort, considering it’s a large, scaly behemoth mount that seems plucked straight out of the Prehistoric era. There are few ways to impact the battlefield in any greater sense than stomping onto it with this rare mount which would make Godzilla shudder in fear, after all.

  1. Phosphorescent Stone Drake

a purple dragon mount

Type: Ground / Flight
Max Speed: +100% / +310%

Very few things are more badass than a colossal, stony wyrm adorned with jutting, razor-sharp, protrusions of glowing ore. Unfortunately, even fewer than that actually own the Phosphorescent Stone Drake. A 100% drop rate from its respective rare NPC, Aeonaxx, makes it seem like an easy-in to the world of illustrious mount owners. That’s until it dawns on you just how infuriatingly difficult it is to find said Aeonaxx. Many veteran players have whittled away their sanity waiting for hours on end for the rare dragon to spawn, without ever catching sight of the illusive beast. And it doesn’t even breath fire. The Phosphorescent Stone Drake mount is one of the rarest WoW mounts and not the easiest of WoW mounts to obtain.

  1. Champion’s Treadblade

dwarf on a motorbike mount

Type: Ground
Max Speed: +100%

Added in as part of the cross-promotional bid between Warcraft and the (slightly) popular TV Show “American Chopper”, the Champion’s Treadblade mount is scarcely found for a glaringly obvious reason. It sets the buyer back a whopping 100,000 Gold! But for that monstrous fee, you can rip up the landscape in a two-wheeled chopper mount that looks like its pulled straight from the TV Show. Sadly, with no ability to take flight, and that aforementioned unearthly price-tag looming overhead, we can’t imagine why you’d really want to. Which is probably why this mount is so ludicrously rarefied.

  1. Infinite Timereaver

drake flying mount on hill

Type: Ground / Flight
Max Speed: +100% / +310%

A very recent addition, added just a few scant months ago, in Patch 6.2.3. The Infinite Timereaver mount has a chance to drop from any given boss found in a Timewalking dungeon. A nefarious and deceptive task, that seems like a cake-walk, yet betrays the minuscule minority that actually own The Infinite Timereaver. The Timereaver flying mount is certainly a sight to behold, though. The picturesque night sky emblazoned across its scales; stars seem to dance across its form, as it emulates the twilight in its every motion. No wonder this thing’s such a rare mount!

  1. Felsteel Annihilator

Felsteel walking mount

Type: Ground / Flight
Max Speed: +100% / +310%

Managing to find a party, and the time out of your day to defeat the boss that drops the Felsteel Annihilator down are the only prerequisites in earning this malicious marriage of Goblin handiwork and twisted fel energies. That’s because said boss has a whopping 86% drop chance for Felsteel Annihilator mount; no farming will be necessary here. On the other hand, that boss is the Mythic variant of the current final boss of the entire game: Archimonde. One of Sargeras’ direct subordinates in the Universe-threatening Burning Legion. In other words, you better hope your Healer brings his A-game if you want to loot the Felsteel Annihilator mount.

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