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Top 10 Rarest LoL Champion Skins

It’s been more than five years since League of Legends was released, and since its release, more and more players have been getting into the MOBA game. With this growth comes additional content including new champions, maps, and mechanics. One of the most updated features in League of Legends is their champion skins.

Since the release of League of Legends, developer Riot Games has created champion skins. Some of these skins can be purchased through the in-game store whilst others skins are free and can be unlocked in different ways. But because there are so many skins in League of Legends today, some of the rarest LoL skins are barely ever seen in game.

We have listed some of the rarest League of Legends champion skins, and how you can (or cannot) get these incredibly rare LoL skins.

  1. Silver Kayle

Silver Kayle skin

Silver Kayle is one of the rarest champion skins in League of Legends. It can only be unlocked by purchasing the Collector’s Edition pack. This League of Legends skin code includes 20 other champions and 1300 Riot Points. Sadly, Riot Games disabled old skin codes, including the Silver Kayle, which makes Silver Kayle one of the rare LoL skins.

  1. King Rammus

King Rammus lol skin

A parody to the princess-stealing villain in Super Mario Brothers, King Rammus was designed with similar colors to Bowser. This rare skin can only be obtained by those who have played League of Legends during its beta release. Playing together with a summoner who the King Rammus skin means that you are playing with a true League of Legends veteran.

  1. UFO Corki

UFO Corki skin

This rare LoL skin is one the free League of Legends skins that was given away for promotional purposes. During 2009, Riot Games promised to give away the UFO Corki skin to the LoL community if they voted League of Legends to win the IGN and Gamespy Reader’s Choice Awards. League of Legends won two awards that year and gave away UFO Corki skins to everyone who signed up for the game before January 14th, 2010. So if you are wondering how to get the UFO Corki skin, you can’t.. sorry.

  1. Human Ryze

Rare LoL Skin Human Ryze

Human Ryze is part of the four Collector’s Edition skins. This free LoL skin was only available in the Collector’s Edition pack that was found through pre-ordering League of Legends.

  1. Urf the Manatee Warwick

Urf the Manatee Warwick skin

Released as an April Fool’s feature in 2010, Urf the Manatee Warwick is simply, Warwick wearing League of Legends mascot manatee, Urf as a costume, and was found in the in-game store. Initially, the champion skin was priced 5000 Riot Points but was changed a few times before ending up at a final price of 500 Riot Points. After April 2010, this rare skin is no longer available.

  1. Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty Blitzcrank skin

Rusty Blitzcrank is probably one of the rarest LoL Champion skins out there. Released back in November 2009, Rusty Blitzcrank was up for purchase in the game’s store at around 520 Riot Points. After three months of being in the store, Riot Games decided to remove Rusty Blitzcrank for good, mainly because it was too similar to the original Blitzcrank.

  1. Black Alistar

Black Alistar lol skin

Part of the pre-order champion skins, Black Alistar can only be unlocked by pre-ordering the Digital Edition of League of Legends. This LoL champion skin is considered to be the rarest skins in League of Legends. The LoL skin code for Black Alistar was disabled in 2014 along with Silver Kayle and Human Ryze.

  1. Championship Riven

rare riven skin

To celebrate the Finale for Season 2, Riot Games released Championship Riven through giving away free LoL skin codes. Those who attended the Season’s grand finals were given skin codes for Championship Riven, and some of these codes were also released to the public. Since there were very few skin codes given away, Championship Riven is considered to be a hard find.

  1. Victorious Jarvan

rare jarvan skin

As a reward for the community at the end of every season, Riot Games gives away victorious champion skins for players who reached Gold and Platinum Rank. After Season 1, Jarvan IV was the first champion to receive a victorious skin. Following him in the next seasons were Elise, Janna, Morgana, and Sivir. Victorious Jarvan is seen as one of the rarest LoL champion skins mainly because it could only be acquired by reaching Gold rank during season 1.

  1. PAX Skins

PAX Twisted Fate skin

Pax Jax skin

PAX Sivir skin

Back in 2009, Pax skins were released for three champions namely Sivir, Twisted Fate and Jax. These Pax Champion skins were given away during the PAX event and were not available to the public in the in-game store. Since there were only a “few” players at the time, not many were able to obtain the free PAX skin codes at the event. Along with other old skin codes, the Pax LoL skin codes were all discontinued in 2014.

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