Female Game Characters Who Should Become Models
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Female Game Characters Who Should Become Models

Video games have always had the most lovable characters out there. Whether they are villains, the male/female protagonists, a princess who is never in that one castle, or an adventure with an impulse for treasure hunting, we always get attached to these characters one way or another.

Whilst female videogame characters are rising in popularity it seems that they are getting all sorts of previously unheard of gig’s outside of the gaming world such as Lightning (also known as Claire Farron) from FFXIII becoming a model for Louis Vuitton.

Lightning, the female protagonist in Final Fantasy XIII is one of the hottest video game girls at the moment as she has become the new face of Louis Vuitton which took the internet by a storm!

Female protagonist Lightning posing for Louis Vuitton

Many pictures of the female protagonist have been circling and spreading across the internet as she poses in Louis Vuitton’s latest collection captivating many male (and female) gamers hearts.

Is Lightning the only female protagonist who can pull this off? Are there more female videogame characters who could take up the challenge of becoming one of the next models for brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Chanel?

We took a look at some of the hottest video game girls that could potential outperform Claire Farron and become the next top model for top brands around the globe.

  1. Bayonetta from Bayonetta

Bayonetta posing with her guns

Bayonetta becoming a model is definitely something that doesn’t need to be questioned. Her body structure is already similar to those you see on the catwalk, and in addition, Bayonetta moves fabulously no matter the situation. We could easily see the sexy female protagonist take the lead role in a new Dior commercial.

  1. Tina Armstrong from Dead or Alive

Tina looking like a real Louis Vuitton model

One of the sexiest female videogame character to date would look good in any clothing given to her, ideally in clothing similar to that seen in Dead or Alive. The deadly game character is experienced in making the most interesting poses and expressions and would make for an interesting shoot when coming one of the next Louis Vuitton models.

  1. Catherine from Catherine

Catherine one of the sexiest female game character

Yeow! Catherine, the woman who shapeshifts into every man’s dream is already quite a poser in front of the camera. Christian Dior would be proud when he sees what kind of magic Catherine can perform in front of the camera.

The well-proportioned natural model would have every guy (and girl) stare as she continuously poses for new shoots on her way to becoming one of the hottest video game girls and a top model outperforming even Lightning from FFXIII.

  1. Alisa Bosconovitch from Tekken

Cute Alisa Bosconovitch smiling

Whoever said robots can’t be fashion models too? If you look at the future of the world it’s a possibility that human models could be replaced by robots. One look at Alisa’s cute/elegant lovely smile will have you filled with warmth. Her elegance outperforms even the best female game characters making her a possible fit to become a Chanel model.

  1. Ada Wong from Resident Evil

Ada Wong smirking at an object

It’s about that time Ada puts those zombies aside and takes out her other guns. Ada’s facial expressions leave a feel of mystery and curiosity; exactly what top brands might be looking for! The female game character has tons of sex appeal going for her and fans love to cosplay Ada Wong at every big event. This Chinese-American beauty is ready for a shootout – with camera’s and fashion!

  1. Annie from League of Legends

Adorable Annie in her bear suit

She’s adorable, perky, and oh so lovable. Annie is not your average cute little girl on the block, along with her bear Tibbers she can be seen in her own cute little bear suit, Chinese dress, or even a frilly dress. Annie looks cute in any outfit given to her in League of Legends. Just make sure she isn’t overworked or you will have to face her bear Tibbers who will show you no mercy.

Who are your favorites and which female videogame girl would you like to see as a next top model for brands like Louis Vuitton USA or Dior? Let us know in the comments!
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