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11 Best XCOM 2 Mods to Download & Install

XCOM 2 has been out for a while now, and while it keeps kicking my arse and destroying me (I’m my 5th attempt now) I thought I’d produce a list of what I personally believe are the best XCOM 2 mods you can download right now from Nexus Mods. These best XCOM 2 mods are a mix of both stupid and useful mods.

  1. Fancy Dress Party by Synthorange

Fancy Dress Party XCOM 2 Mod

If I had my way, every game would have that really weird yet hilariously dumb looking horse face mask mod. Synthorange has at least helped make that dream somewhat of a reality with his/her Fancy Dress Party XCOM 2 mod by bringing goofy looking horse masks into XCOM 2. Described as “Terrifying rubber horse mask,” the Fancy Dress Party mod also adds a “Fancy unicorn mask” and a “Wizard hat.” Download one of the best XCOM 2 mods on the market and go forth, looking all fancy and such as you fight the evil alien overlords. You can download the Fancy Dress Party mod HERE.

  1. CapnBubs Accessories Pack by Capnbubs

Capnbubs Mods for XCOM 2

The CapnBubs accessories pack is an essential mod in my eyes, the dude is working wonders and has already produced a high amount of new accessories to help customize and change the look of your soldiers, CapnBubs has been working away on his CapnBubs Accessories Pack mod since the launch of XCOM 2 and shows no intention of stopping anytime soon. The CapnBubs Accessories Pack already includes new helmets, berets, goggles, masks. Tons of new stuff to an incredibly high quality. Personally, I find this one of the best XCOM 2 mods that is worth a download for any XCOM fan that likes to give their soldiers a unique look. You can downalod the CapnBubs Accessories Pack mod HERE.

  1. Ink and Paint by Asshole Maddox

XCOM2 Mod Ink and Paint

This one goes hand-in-hand with CapnBubs Accessories Pack mod, adding 25 new Arm Tattoos and 4 Face Paints with which to customize your soldiers. Just try not to get too attached to your customized soldiers. Odds are they’re all gonna die at some point anyway, either way this deserves to be included in our best XCOM 2 mods list. You can download the Ink and Paint mod HERE.

  1. True Concealment by  Takeru Shirogane

Best XCOM 2 Mods "True Concealment"

OK, so customization options aside, so let’s take a look at some gameplay tweaks shall we? The True Concealment mod is an interesting one, I can’t decide if that one might be cheating or not but it’s one I like. The True Concealment mod tweaks missions that involve timed elements. So if you start a mission in concealment and have to complete the mission in X amount of turns, the True Concealment mod will stop the turn counter going down until you break concealment, affording you the time to set up your first ambush or just plan out your assault. It’s a small thing but I can’t decide if it’s basically cheating in some way. Either way, it’s a great XCOM 2 mod. You can download the True Concealment mod HERE.

  1. Free Camera Rotation by Wasteland_Ghost

Free Camera Rotation XCOM 2 Mod

Sick of the forced 90-degree camera angle turns? Free camera rotation is necessary as free as the title suggests, instead, it reduces the camera rotation angles to 45 degrees instead. Now that doesn’t sound like much, but when you actually use it? It’s a huge improvement over the original camera angles and it’s a hundred times better and more useful. Highly recommended XCOM 2 camera mod and possible for the top 3 in best XCOM 2 mods. You can download the Free Camera Rotation mod HERE.

  1. Quiet Bradford by tracktwo

Quiet Bradford XCOM 2 mod

Do You want to know what the worst part of those retaliation strike missions? Not the Faceless that can sucker punch your squad, not the civilians dying left, right and center. It’s Bradford, who feels the need to tell you that they’re dying every single bloody time.

This XCOM 2 mod makes Bradford shut up. The Quiet Bradford XCOM 2 mod makes sure he doesn’t pester you every damn time. He shuts up and lets you do your job. The last thing you need is your mother moaning in your ear when your fighting aliens and trying to save civilians.  You can download the Quiet Bradford mod HERE.

  1. Stop Wasting My Time by BlueRaja

XCOM 2 Stop Wasting My Time Mod

XCOM 2 is full of dumb little pauses and time wastes that just drag out the game and make even simple things take stupidly longer. BlueRaja has stepped in with his “Stop Wasting My Time” XCOM 2 mod to cut that stuff out. There’s a long list of things that this mod changes, but long story short. The Stop Wasting My Time mod cuts out all the little pauses in combat and generally reduces the time it takes for soldiers and aliens to make their moves. You can download the Stop Wasting My Time mod HERE.

  1. Instant Avenger Menus by Ketchi

Instant Avenger Menus best XCOM 2 mods

In the spirit of being impatient, the Instant Avenger menus mod cuts the fat around well, around the Avenger. Instant Avengers Menus provides instant room transitions, hologlobe dissolving is removed, the pauses between the Avatar project updates of been reduced. The Instant Avengers Menus mod one of the best XCOM 2 mods that cuts all the BS and keeps the game moving. You can download the Instant Avenger Menus mod HERE.

  1. Numeric Health Display by Peewi

XCOM 2 Numeric Health Display mod

A personal favorite XCOM 2 UI Mod of mine. The Numeric Health Display mod replaces the block style health bar with simple, more compact numbers. Armor is also represented in numbers too. I personally think the Numeric Health Display mod makes it look a lot better this way. You’re welcome to disagree, but you’re wrong. You can download the Numeric Health Display mod HERE.

  1. Restart Mission by [GWJ]-Tkyl’s

Awesome Restart Mission XCOM 2 Mod

Are you a savescummer like me? The Restart Mission mod will be your best friend. Restart Mission adds a restart mission button (In case you didn’t figure it out). The Restart Mission mod can even be enabled to work in ironman mode! Although in the case of the latter, I am not sure it classifies as one of the best XCOM 2 mods for everyone since it’s pretty much cheating. You can download the Restart Mission mod HERE.

  1. Ayy Lmao 2: /xcg/ Boogaloo by Galdiuz

Ayy Lmao XCOM 2 mod

I’ll be straight up about this XCOM 2 mod, the Ayy Lmao 2 mod isn’t for everyone. It’s only for the fans of the dankest of memes, replacing the text with bizarre, often inappropriate, stupid or sometimes potentially offensive text. Completing a mission presents the player with “WOW, YOU SURVIVED.” Confused soldiers are “Reading a Jaden Smith tweet.” Sectoids are called “Pectoids” while Faceless are called “Fellow Humans.”

It’s a good way to try and stay somewhat calmer, more amused when XCOM 2 gets particularly punishing and difficult. It’s an incredibly stupid mod, yet one that continues to get funnier and funnier to me while I play.  You can download the Ayy Lmao 2 mod HERE.

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