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15 Amazing Cosplay Costumes and Their Cosplayers

You see plenty of the sexy cosplay costumes but have you ever seen any of the best cosplays where showing skin is not the main attraction? For those not in the know, cosplay is the art of dressing up as video game characters from popular culture (e.g. video games, cartoons, movies). Most see cosplay as a form of escapism, a way to show their devotion to a character, IP or an outlet for creativity- and some even make it into a way to pay the bills.

And to several, cosplay is not only a hobby but a lifestyle. Whether a cosplayer commissions a cosplay costume from experienced costume-makers or makes the entire cosplay costume by hand themselves, cosplay is pretty much an art form. Some dabble in it for fun, others put in a lot of sweat, blood and tears into making sure that thier cosplay costume is accurate down to the last stitch.

We’ve rounded up 15 heroes of cosplay that are scary good at what they do. Take a look-see at some of the best cosplay girls and guys below!

Azir cosplay from League of Legends

Azir best cosplay

Cosplay by Shappi

There are a lot of things to love about League of Legends: Emperor of the Sands cosplay: the crisp, neat lines and colours of the cosplay costume, the cool props, and the awesome setting. Looks almost exactly like the official League of Legends Azir art!

Daedric Armor Dovahkiin cosplay from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Dovahkiin best cosplay

Cosplay by Zerios88

It must have taken a lot of levelling up the Smithing perk to put this breath-taking cosplay costume together. This costume, setting and photography capture the Elder Scrolls setting well and we would love to have seen this for ourselves at one of the gaming events.

Gravelord Nito cosplay from Dark Souls

Gravelord Nito cosplay

Source unknown

This Dark Souls cosplay of the First of the Dead is pretty freaking nito if you ask us!

Siam cosplay from Silent Hill: Homecoming

2 person Siam best cosplay

Cosplay by Realdaguru and Emmylou

Imagine turning a corner in a dark corridor and you see this Silent Hills cosplay lunging itself towards you. This cosplay project is in fact made up of two people! Woah!

Big Daddy and Little Sister cosplay from Bioshock

Bioshock cosplay

Cosplay by Dimhorizonstudio

Big Daddy and his Little Sister bid you welcome to Rapture! This Bioshock cosplay has to be one of the best cosplays out there. The awesomely weathered props and cosplay costumes sported by both of these cosplayers go hand in hand with the perfect shoot location. Epic!

Skull Kid cosplay from The Legend of Zelda series

Skull Kid The Legend of Zelda cosplay

Cosplay by Li Kovacs

Vibrant colours, crazy good props and neat little details (check out the wood-like detailing on those tights and gloves!) make for a perfect Skull Kid cosplay!

Edward Kenway cosplay from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed Black Flag cosplay

Cosplay by Leon Chiro Cosplay

This Assassin’s Creed cosplay of the British pirate/assassin from the fourth game is downright awesome! We love the weathering on the cosplay costume and the awesome props- and of course, the ship.

Handsome Jack cosplay from the Borderlands series

Handsome Jack best cosplay

Cosplay by Lillyxandra and her boyfriend

The man himself would approve: this Handsome Jack and his insanely good make-up job and cosplay costume are too good to be true!

Vincent Valentine and Cloud Strife cosplay from Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII cosplay

Cosplay by Darcywilliam and Daisyda

These Vincent and Cloud cosplays look downright awesome and very accurate, ready to take down a certain silver-haired, flower girl-slaying villain at a moment’s notice.

Naked Snake/Big Boss cosplay from the Metal Gear Solid series

Metal Gear Solid Snake cosplay

Cosplay by Rick Boer

This could very well be a scene from a movie! This cosplayer is absolutely spot-on as the sneaky, legendary soldier in his Naked Snake cosplay.

Max Caulfield cosplay from Life is Strange

Max female game character from Life is Strange cosplay

Cosplay by Zevylily

Are you sure Max doesn’t have the power to cross mediums? Because this female game character cosplay of Max Caulfield looks like she came straight out of the Life is Strange game! The blue butterfly and photo are both cool touches.

EDI cosplay from Mass Effect

EDI female game character cosplay

Cosplay by Andromeda-latex (Previously known as Anatomic-latex)

Joker’s heart, be still! Seriously, this EDI cosplay costume looks awesome- now all she needs is the Normandy and we’re all good to go to take down the Reapers!

Triss Merigold cosplay from The Witcher series

The Witcher female game character cosplay

Cosplay by Fenyachan

These Triss Merigold cosplay photos are visually stunning! Check out the intricate leatherwork on her top! The nod to the books in the second picture is an awesome addition, too.

Lara Croft cosplay from the Tomb Raider series

Lara Croft female game character cosplay

Cosplay by Anaaesthetic

This Lara Croft cosplayer looks like she means business, ginormous tombs be damned. We adore the atmospheric backdrop and appropriately rugged look that make up this photo.

Lady Vashj cosplay from World of Warcraft

On the best cosplays for the female game character Lady Vashj

Cosplay by Valentinachan

Pulling off a WoW cosplay of a multi-armed female game character must be tough, but this Lady Vashj cosplayer does so with aplomb! This has to be one of the best cosplays and those extra limbs look pretty darn convincing to us!

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