Final Fantasy's Vivi Plush Is Coming Soon and It's Super Cute
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Final Fantasy’s Vivi Plush Is Coming Soon and It’s Super Cute

Square Enix has revealed a new plush of the super adorable and super powerful black mage, Vivi Ornitier from Final Fantasy IX.

The Vivi Plush has got everything: the long blue coat, the bubbly striped pants, the adorable round shoes, and most of all, the oversized mage hat that flops down the back. This cute plush is a total replica of Vivi.


This Vivi Plush can be found on the official Square Enix Online store for pre-order at $55.00.  The Vivi Plush will release around the 25th of July this year.

About Vivi

Vivi is a black mage that was created in Dali. He is initially your average air head who is gullible, clumsy and shy. But soon after, he develops into a more confident mage and finds the courage to discover his roots. In game, Vivi can cast both black magic and elemental spells, and can deal an insane amount of damage to enemies. His elemental abilities include Blizzard, Thunder and Fire.

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