Overwatch Closed Beta Is Back, And Apparently Better Than Before!
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Overwatch Closed Beta Is Back, Here’s How You Could Gain Access

The closed beta for Overwatch is finally coming back on February 9 along with some awesome surprises from the devs as well! It’s been quite a while, we-need-this!

Besides enjoying the game itself, Blizzard announced some cool and new exciting features for the game such as an all-new progression system, two new maps, a new game mode and a variety of Private Game updates (including full A.I matches). This will be released with several balance changes for heroes too, all of which can be read in our Overwatch preview.

A lot of people are excited for Overwatch and this is a game that first-person shooter fans should definitely try out. There’s one problem though there are limited slots available. I’m still waiting, unfortunately. The only way you can stand a chance of getting exclusive access to the game’s CBT is by tweaking your Battle.net Beta Profile Settings.  So to improve your chances (and reduce my own) I have put together a short guide.

  1. Log in to Battle.net.
  2. On the lower right section of your screen, you will see the option called “Beta Profile Settings”. Don’t be shy, click it!
  3. Tick the boxes for the games you want to sign up for. If you just want to play Overwatch click on Overwatch and Blizzard will ask for your computer’s configuration. This “requirement” has evolved over the past few months and now it only requires you to install the Battle.net App so I highly suggest that you download the Battle.net App first.
  4. Click on “Update Preferences” and you’re done!

Note that for some games, you’ll need to get the retail copy to sign up for any future beta releases. This doesn’t apply to Overwatch, for now. Blizzard will notify you by email once you are details are approved along with instructions on what to do next. Let’s hope Overwatch is worth buying!

Overwatch will be available for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One and is scheduled to be officially released in May 2016 and the Overwatch Early Access begins May 3rd, 2016!

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