1. Widowmaker by Karin Olava

Overwatch Widowmaker cosplay by Karin Olava

Of all the Widowmakers I’ve seen this has to be the most accurate one out there, not to mention the all the little touches on display to bring the character to life. To see another image of this awesome Overwatch Widowmaker cosplay check out the full album here.

  1. Reaper by Blood-Raven

Female Reaper cosplay by reddit user Blood-Raven

I can only imagine how long it took to make some of the pieces for the female Reaper cosplay, the amount of parts alone is impressive, to say the least. The effort and all the details put into this Overwatch cosplay make this one of the best Overwatch cosplays all time. Check out here full album here.

  1. Tracer by Tasha

Tracer Cosplay by Tasha

This has to be the best Overwatch cosplay we’ve seen so far. I’ve seen some pretty spot on Overwatch cosplays before but few have nailed it quite as much as Tasha with her amazing Tracer cosplay. Check out the full album here.

Which one did you think was the best Overwatch cosplay on the list? We will keep an eye out for more of the best Overwatch cosplays and keep the list up to date.

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