1. Zenyatta by Shellshocked Cosplay

Zenyatta Overwatch cosplay by Shellshocked Cosplay

Walking around in a fully enclosed robot cosplay can’t be easy to make, Zenyatta doesn’t make this easier either with his interesting design. This Zenyatta cosplay possibly the best Overwatch cosplays of Zenyatta that we came across (and also one of the few) but Shellshocked nailed it! Check out Shellshocked Cosplay here.

  1. Hanzo by Unknown

Hanzo Overwatch Cosplay

RYUU GA WAGA TEKI WO KURAU! This unknown cosplayer must have been preparing his ultimate while this photo was taken. You have to appreciate the work he did on Hanzo’s tattoos is this one, from the outfit to the bow, this guy really did an outstanding Overwatch cosplay of Hanzo.

  1. Mercy by Tasha

Mercy Overwatch cosplay by Tasha

Mercy is a definitely a fan favorite. Professional cosplayer Tasha’s Mercy cosplay is one of the best Overwatch cosplays we have seen. Tasha is part of a Korean cosplay team called Spiral Cats. You can check out the Spiral Cats here, and Tasha right here.

  1. Soldier 76 by corruptcosplay

Soldier 76 Overwatch cosplay by corruptcosplay

From the hair to the gun, all the details in this Soldier 76 Overwatch cosplay were really carefully put together. I haven’t seen too many Soldier 76’s out there, so kudos to this guy for nailing the character. Check out his Instagram here.

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