1. Mercy by Elle Cosplay

Mercy Overwatch cosplay by Elle Cosplay

Another great take on the Mercy character with this Overwatch cosplay, I still don’t want to imagine how much trouble the wings could have been with this one. You can follow Elle Cosplay on instagram here.

  1. Zarya by Jechts

Zarya male Overwatch cosplay by Jechts

Zarya has been a popular character since her announcement, and it’s interesting to see a great take on a male version with this Overwatch cosplay. Jechts’ male Zarya cosplay was spread across the internet and claimed to be the best Overwatch cosplay many had seen since its release. Check him out here.

  1. D. Va by Vampy Bit Me

D.Va Overwatch cosplay by Vampy Bit Me

We all love D.Va and because of that we are seeing a high swarm of some of the best Overwatch cosplays. This D.Va cosplay by Vampy Bit Me definitely got the look nailed. Imagine the nightmare of cosplaying with the full mech. Give it time. Check out more by Vampy Bit Me here (some might be slightly NFSW).

  1. Symmetra by Kamui Cosplay

Symmetra Overwatch cosplay by Kamui Cosplay

Another one with great details, especially on the armoured gear and gun. Symmetra is another one I haven’t seen many of, but this one really got it right. If you want to build this cosplay for yourself or want to check out more pictures you can do so here.

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